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Aviation Careers

What can I do with an A&P License

First and foremost licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics perform several functions on aircraft.  These functions vary from inspection of the aircraft to complete teardown and overhaul of aircraft.  The aircraft type can vary from small general aviation aircraft, helicopters, small turbine powered aircraft to large commercial transport jet aircraft. Individuals can choose from career paths like performing maintenance in a small FBO (fixed base operation) to corporate aviation department or working for a large commercial airline, or a freight company and the work environment can range from a climate controlled hangar to working outside.

The industry can be roughly divided in to two classes of mechanics; Aircraft Mechanic and Avionics Mechanic. 

Aircraft Mechanics perform maintenance on the following:
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Sheetmetal/Composite Structure Repairs
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Many Other Aircraft Systems & Components
  • Reciprocating or Turbine Engines
Avionics Mechanics perform maintenance on in the following areas:
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Autoflight/Flight Management Systems
  • Passenger Entertainment Systems
  • Various Other Electronic Equipment

Of course these are just two general areas that an aircraft mechanic can choose to work; there are several areas that one can choose to specialize.

Examples of specialized work areas:
  • Aircraft/Engine Manufacturing (This area also may provide opportunities for travel and relocation as a Technical Field Representative in foreign countries)
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Technical Writing
  • Training

Because A&P mechanics receive a diverse background during their initial training for licensure, career opportunities are not limited to working on aircraft. The following are examples of other industries that individuals with an A&P license can find employment:

  • Wind Energy Industry
  • Railroad Transportation Industry
  • Cruise Line Industry
  • Industrial Plant Maintenance
  • Indy/Nascar

Becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic can provide a rich and rewarding career with several opportunities for travel and personal growth.  So if you enjoy working with your hands, are skilled at critical thinking, and enjoy great diversity, the choice for becoming an A&P mechanic should be your next step.

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