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Ivy Tech Community College Apprenticeship Programs

Whether you are an employer looking for a skilled talent to add to your team or an aspiring apprentice looking to take their next step in their career, discover how Ivy Tech Community College can help you get started!

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Employers Start Here

We often think of skilled trades such as plumbing, carpentry and electrical when we think of apprenticeships, but there are more than 1,000 occupations that can benefit from apprenticeships, including health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, transportation and others.

If you have positions with high turnover, an aging but skilled workforce, or significant change in your industry, an apprenticeship can help you. Apprenticeships will help you increase productivity, lower turnover, lower recruitment costs and increase worker safety.

Employers who make an investment in their employees through apprenticeship, on average, enjoy a 150% return on that investment. They also enjoy many other benefits, including:

  • Expanding and diversifying their talent pipeline by drawing on an untapped workforce
  • Creating a competitive edge in a global economy
  • Standardizing training so all workers receive the same national industry-endorsed training
  • Reducing worker compensation                                                     
Did You Know?
For every dollar spent on apprenticeships, employers get $1.50 return on investment.
Apprenticeships Reduce Turnover - 89% of apprentices remain with their company three years after completion.

Employers: Ivy Tech consultants can work with you to develop customized apprenticeship programs. Request a free consultation today!

Aspiring Apprentices

Want the opportunity to get paid to go to college while getting the top-level experience an apprenticeship provides?

You can earn while you learn at some of Indiana’s top companies and in-demand industries. Apprenticeships are available in building trades and construction as well as many other industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, information technology and others.


  • Have the potential to earn on average $70,000 a year through high-demand jobs after they complete their training
  • Avoid college debt while their employer invests in their future and growth
  • Earn a nationally recognized credential
  • Receive assistance connecting with employers and apprenticeship opportunities


Building Trade Apprenticeships

Ivy Tech partners with Building Trades Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATC) programs across the state. Upon completion, apprentices receive a nationally recognized certificate from the (US Dept. Labor) USDOL and an Associate Applied Science (AAS) degree, with no out-of-pocket costs.

To get started, first contact the JATC program you are most interested in. Each program is unique and has its own application process. Once accepted into the JATC program, you become an Ivy Tech student & an apprentice.

Start here to learn more about the application process! 

Other Apprenticeships

To learn more about apprenticeships outside of building trades, complete this interest form and a representative will contact you.


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