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I am a native of Georgia and have lived in Central Indiana for the past six years. My own educational journey has given me a passion for higher education and a strong desire to help students navigate the ever-changing landscape of college admissions. When I’m not at work, I'm always looking to explore new cultural experiences through travel, sports, and culinary attractions. I am so excited to be a part of the admissions team at Ivy Tech Community College and look forward to getting to know you!

Dianna R. Lott
765-643-7133 ext. 2016
or 1-800-644-4882 ext. 2016

Muncie and Henry County

Seth Davidson

As a lifelong resident of the community I serve, I have a personal investment in showing students how the unique benefits of the community college can help them reach their goals. Helping these individuals realize their goals through the opportunities here at Ivy Tech not only benefits them, but positively impacts our community as a whole.

I enjoy being a small part of a process that can have such a profound effect.

Seth Davidson
765-289-2291 ext. 1252
or 1-800-589-8324 ext. 1252


Lonnie Peek

Upon retiring from the U.S. Navy after 20 years, I wanted to get into a career where I can help people to attain their educational goal. Being and admissions advisor at Ivy Tech Community College gives me the perfect opportunity to do that. 

It is very rewarding and exciting to be part of the process of students continuing their education to fulfill their goals.  There is nothing better that to see how education can change someone’s life and to know you had a part in that.

Lonnie Peek
765-651-3100 ext. 3309
or 1-800-589-8324 ext. 3309