Join us for Cob & Cog | Agriculture + Engineering Challenge

Presented by Duke Energy

April 28, 2023 | 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Ivy Tech Community College - South Campus
1650 E Industrial Drive | Terre Haute, IN 47802


This day will be fun-packed, exciting, and educational filled with 22 unique engineering and agriculture team competitions for high school students. Students will compete in teams of 2-3 to problem-solve challenges in the areas of technology, engineering, agriculture, and precision agriculture in a state-of-the-art environment at Ivy Tech Community College.


  • All events can have teams of 2-3 participants, except Quiz Bowl, which is a team of four.
  • Teams may only participate in one event as competitions are happening simultaneously.
  • Each school is limited to one team per event.
  • Each event is limited to 10 teams.
  • Schools must register by March 31.


For questions, contact Karson Harris at or 812-298-2523.

2023 Cob & Cog Events

Event 1 | Balancing Act | Teams of 3
Using the supplied materials, participants will be required to design and build a free-standing tower that will have to support a provided weight. The tallest tower that can support the weight without falling over wins.

Event 2 | Biotech | Teams of 3
Using only the supplied materials, each team will perform a DNA extraction from a plant tissue sample. Teams will be evaluated on documentation of their procedure, the quantity of DNA isolated, and post-lab questions.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Expected competencies include laboratory safety, liquid handling, balance measurement and calibration, and record keeping. Students should also be familiar with the concept of DNA and basic cellular biology.

Event 3 | Build Them and Crush Them | Teams of 3
Using the supplied materials, participants will be required to design and build a structure that will have to support as much weight as possible. The structure will be placed in a stress analyzer to see how much weight it holds before it is crushed.

Event 4 | Chain Reaction | Teams of 3
Using the materials provided, each team will develop a course for a ball to roll through. The goal is for the ball to take the longest amount of time possible to reach the target.

Event 5 | Short Circuit | Teams of 3
Teams will be required to wire electrical circuits and troubleshoot circuit faults using diagnostic tools. The team that builds and troubleshoots the most circuits accurately and in the shortest time will be declared the winner.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Common knowledge of electricity/electrical circuits and multimeters.

Event 6 | Robo Challenge | Teams of 3
Teams will program an industrial robot (FANUC or Motoman) to complete a task. Teams will be evaluated based on efficiency, accuracy, proper commands, and time to complete the task.

Event 7 | Drones | Teams of 3
Team members will fly a drone through an obstacle course as quickly as possible. The winner will be the team to complete the course with the quickest average time.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Instructions will be sent to instructors after registration has closed. Participants should review drone operating instructions prior to the competition.

Event 8 | Engineering Nightmare | Teams of 3
Teams will be required to reverse engineer a provided part. Teams must produce hand-drawn sketches and a 3D model of the part using Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360 software (provided). The team that creates the most accurate 3D model of the original part will be declared the winner.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Ability to use Inventor/Fusion 360 software and use a variety of measuring tools. All tools/materials/software will be provided by Ivy Tech.

Event 9 | Excursion Plan | Teams of 3
Your team will develop a travel plan within the parameters given on the day of the competition. To be successful, you need to be able to do internet research, read a map, budget for time and money, and make a persuasive presentation of your travel plan.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Questions will be emailed to the instructor once registration has closed. Teams should review the questions prior to the day of the competition.

Event 10 | Food Science | Teams of 3
Teams will plan a meal based on a theme. Themes could be a holiday meal, ethnic cuisine, or dietary restrictions. A food list will be provided with nutrition information. The meal that is judged to be the most creative, balanced, and accurately documented wins.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Contestants must understand common dietetical terms such as macros, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Event 11 | GPS/GIS Scouting | Teams of 3
Teams will be playing the role of a “crop consultant”. Teams will use iPads with the Sirrus app to create a field boundary designated by markers (flags, pylons, etc.). In addition to drawing a field, students will identify common agronomic issues (weed, insect, disease, etc.). The team that has the correct field boundary with the most correctly identified issues wins.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Teams must have the ability to use an iPad. iPad will be provided by Ivy Tech

Event 12 | IT Workstation Challenge | Teams of 3
Teams will be supplied with computer components. Teams must assemble a computer and ensure it loads Windows. Teams will be expected to tell the judge what they are doing, and why they are doing it in a particular order. The winners will be determined by the time it took to build the computer and whether it loads Windows.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Teams need to understand how to build a computer.

Event 13 | Livestock Judging | Teams of 3
Students will carefully analyze a group of animals and compare them to a standard that is commonly accepted as ideal. The winner is determined by the correct placement of animals.

Advanced prep/knowledge recommended: Teams need to be familiar with livestock judging.

Event 14 | Machinery Inspection | Teams of 3
Each team will be required to perform a preventative maintenance inspection on three pieces of agricultural equipment. Scoring will be based on 1.) How well the team’s PM sheet corresponds with the judge’s sheet and 2.) How well the team performs the PM inspection upon observation from the judge. The team with the highest cumulative score will win.

Event 15 | Matter in Motion | Teams of 3
Using the materials provided, each team will construct a catapult to launch a ball the farthest distance possible.

Event 16 | May the Volts be with You | Teams of 3
Using supplied materials, your team must construct a system that will generate electricity using wind energy. The system that generates the most power wins.

Event 17 | Power Tool Drag Race | Teams of 3
Students will design and build a vehicle powered by a handheld electric (corded) power tool. The power tool serves as the “engine” and must be connected to the drive train by a transmission. The vehicle will race down the Ivy Tech Dragstrip. The vehicle with the fastest time wins. Rules and regulations will be provided to instructors via email once registration has closed.

Advanced prep: Schools must provide their own materials for this competition and bring their finished drag racer to the event, based on rules and regulations provided to instructors via email once registration has closed.

Event 18 | Puff Mobile | Teams of 3
Using the materials provided, each team must design and fabricate a rolling vehicle powered by a wind source. Scoring will be a combination of distance measurement and an oral presentation.

Event 19 | Quiz Bowl | Teams of 4
Teams of three students from each school compete against each other in a contest that features questions from the areas of engineering, agriculture, and general knowledge. The first round is double elimination in the morning. The final rounds are single elimination after lunch. The winner of the Quiz Bowl wins the Cob & Cog traveling trophy.

Event 20 | Soil Judging | Teams of 3
Students will be given multiple soil samples and asked to correctly identify color, texture class, percent clay, and percent sand. Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their evaluation of soil samples.

Event 21 | Welding | Teams of 3
Each team will be given a blueprint to construct a welded object out of pre-cut pieces of steel provided. The team score will be determined by the quality of the finished object, and the team’s oral explanation of the fabrication process and problems encountered with possible corrections. The team with the highest score wins.

Advanced prep and required materials to bring: Knowledge of GMAW and SMAW welding techniques. No PPE will be provided. Each welder will need to bring: a welding hood, welding jacket, safety glasses, welding gloves, and chipping hammer. Welders will need to wear jeans with no holes in them and closed-toe leather shoes.

Event 22 | Whatever Floats Your Boat | Teams of 3
Using supplied materials, teams must construct a floating device capable of supporting a load based on event criteria. Teams will be graded on documentation and oral presentation along with the effectiveness of the product and its design.


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