Local employers work with Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County to focus on leadership skills in upper supervisory ranks. On Thursday, June 22, the first session of the Ivy+ CareerLink Supervisor Training class was completed. The supervisors enrolled in the class were employed by Honeywell and Arrowhead.

On-site for Arrowhead were Tony Randolph and Monte Foist. Honeywell was represented by Shawn Miller, Richard Macasocol, Gregory Bell, and Jesse Morris.

Supervisor Training focuses on how to make the shift from individual performer to supervisor, Clifton Strengths, building and maintaining trust, embracing change, communication skills, providing feedback, resolving and handling conflict, mediating conflict, and managing time and stress. Over the course of weeks, participants are introduced to six modules. Each module is geared toward the learning objectives and provides them with invaluable information, an opportunity to network with supervisors from other companies, and supports them in building a team that they can rely on.

Morris took what he’s learned in the course and applied it to his current position, “I’ve put a lot of the things I’ve learned here into action with my team and have had a positive response. I’ve discussed it with our site leader and recommended we continue sending other supervisors to this training.”

For Randolph and Foist, the skills training gave them the opportunity to network with a larger entity. They were able to have open discussion with the supervisors from Honeywell, giving them access to information that they would not normally have. The collaboration and interaction between the two groups of supervisors provided feedback and information that they took back to their respective positions.

This training was absolutely fantastic. For me, it’s brought up things that I knew but needed to be reminded of. Networking has been great, and we have experienced interconnectivity of problem solving

– Tony Randolph, Arrowhead

Foist agreed that the networking was a benefit, “Networking between large and small companies helped me see the similarities that we share as well as the differences that I was already aware of.”

The information in the class was presented by Nathan Taylor, Ivy+ Career Coach.

Macasocol summed up the purpose of the training, “To become a better leader you have to understand yourself to apply it to others.”

“A great supervisor can develop skills to help set them up for success. Supervisor training allows these individuals to form connections with others who serve in similar roles, providing them with opportunities to network and collaborate.  The training focuses on the entry level supervisor and equips them with tools to help manage, deliver feedback, communicate with intention, de-escalate any situation, and prioritize workflow,” said Jennifer Gasiorek, Vice Chancellor for Workforce and Strategic Communication.

For more information on skills training courses and how you can enroll email Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County at askmuncie@ivytech.edu. Visit online at ivytech.edu/muncie to learn more about the Muncie-Henry County campus.

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