Ygnacio 'Junior' Munoz is not your typical high school senior. At an age where most students are just beginning to contemplate their future, Junior is already well on his way to achieving his. Thanks to Ivy Tech Community College’s dual credit and dual enrollment programs, he will graduate from McCutcheon High School with not just one, but two associate degrees in Business Administration and Accounting.

Junior’s journey at Ivy Tech began at the end of his sophomore year, inspired by his older sister who also took advantage of the college’s offerings. Recognizing the opportunity to accelerate his education, Junior embraced the challenge of balancing high school and college courses. His strategy for managing this demanding workload is meticulous planning and prioritization, skills that have not only facilitated his academic success but have also prepared him for the rigors of higher education.

After high school, Junior plans to enter Indiana Wesleyan University as a junior, where he will pursue an MBA, followed by a PhD at Purdue University. His ultimate goal is to blend his passion for business with teaching, aspiring to return to Ivy Tech as a professor. "The early start has really put into perspective how much time matters," says Junior, whose academic acceleration has not only set a remarkable precedent at Ivy Tech but also positions him as a future leader in education and business.

Junior’s advice to other high school students is to seize every educational opportunity: 

Start slow, understand your learning style, and build up from there. Every class and every assignment is a step towards your larger goal.

His proactive approach and success story are inspirations to his peers and a proud example of the possibilities that Ivy Tech offers to its students.

About Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana's largest public postsecondary institution and the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Ivy Tech has campuses throughout Indiana and also serves thousands of students annually online. It serves as the state's engine of workforce development, offering associate degrees, long- and short-term certificate programs, industry certifications, and training that aligns with the needs of the community. The College provides a seamless transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana, as well as out of state, for a more affordable route to a bachelor's degree.