Ivy Tech Community College is now offering a Cloud Technologies program, preparing graduates for jobs as cloud engineers, developers, analysts, and managing cloud-based systems and processes for businesses. Students have the opportunity to earn a certificate in one year or an associate degree in two years. Classes are offered in flexible formats, including online, in-person and in the evenings.

“An education in cloud technologies provides for getting in at the beginning of this new way of computing that is definitely going to be part of any future career in information technology,” said Bill Worden, associate professor and department chair of computing and informatics.

Cloud technologies are the software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on computers.

“Today, the websites that you visit, the photos you take on your phone, and the data you access to buy items online are all likely stored in the ‘cloud’,” he said.

Job demand in the field is growing at a faster rate than average for all occupations in the nation. The median salary for careers in cloud technologies in May 2020 was $91,250, which is higher than the median for all occupations at $48,650, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Careers in cloud technologies bring new opportunities for graduates to earn a living remotely, working nearly anywhere in the world.

“Rarely does I.T. have a ‘gold rush’ involving new technology, but with Cloud Technologies at Ivy Tech Bloomington, you have greater opportunity to find a career in the ‘cloud’,”, said Worden. “The pandemic established the importance of cloud-based systems and services like we have never seen before, and a tight job market and high-demand has pushed this area of I.T. to new heights in terms of salary and job opportunity.”

Ivy Tech accepts free applications year-round at www.ivytech.edu/apply, and has classes that start multiple times per year for quicker entry and graduation. Classes start as soon as October 20 or January 19, 2022. For more information about getting started at Ivy Tech Bloomington, contact bl-info@ivytech.edu or call 812-330-6013.

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