Shasta Anderson, 43
Associate of Applied Science, Hospitality Administration
Technical Certificate, Accounting

Shasta decided that she was going to set a positive example for her children and finish her earlier college studies, after stopping out due to finances. Since her employer, Cook, was offering tuition assistance through the Achieve Your Degree partnership with Ivy Tech, she decided to enroll.

Through the Ivy Tech/Cook tuition-deferral partnership, Shasta was able to go back to school with no upfront costs, finish her associate degree, and complete a technical certificate along the way.

During her studies at Ivy Tech, she served on the Student Government Association as secretary, earned an SGA officer scholarship, and participated in the annual O’Bannon Day of Service in our community, all while also working her full time job.

Shasta’s son, Damon, also works full time at Cook and takes classes at Ivy Tech through the Achieve Your Degree program. One day, he hopes to become a chef at West Baden or French Lick Resort.

She is proud to have completed her associate degree, hoping it will open doors for advancement into a new position with her current employer, and encourage her children to also achieve their educational goals.

Amanda Todd, 28
Associate of Science, Nursing (RN)
Cum Laude

Amanda was an elementary school teacher for four years before she decided to go back to college to pursue her calling—to become a nurse. She quickly chose Ivy Tech’s nursing program because it is known as one of the most competitive and comprehensive programs.

During her studies at Ivy Tech, she earned the Indiana Career and Technical Education Award for Excellence from the Indiana Department of Education, earned seven scholarships, and served as president of Ivy Tech’s Lee J. Marchant School of Nursing club.

She says that she is overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement from her husband, family, and fellow nursing graduates.

Amanda has accepted a full time nursing position at IU Health Hospital Inpatient Rehab unit. She plans to continue her education to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and will go on to earn her Master of Science in Nursing. She hopes to eventually become a nurse practitioner.

Bethany Argenbright, 27
Associate of Applied Science, Business Administration

Bethany began taking classes at Ivy Tech right after high school. It took her some time to decide on a career path and focus her efforts in that area of study. It has been a long journey for Bethany and so rewarding for her to complete her associate degree.

She is first person in her family to go to college and complete their degree!

She credits her husband, family, and best friend for supporting her throughout her journey. Bethany plans to re-enter the workforce as a receptionist at a medical facility or veterinary clinic.

Bertram Rodgers, 52
Associate of General Studies
Summa Cum Laude

Bertram came to Ivy Tech Community College in need of a mid-life renaissance. He had previously attended three universities throughout his life. He says he made some bad decisions in the past and that he knew very little about community college when he decided to enroll. Little did he know, Ivy Tech was going become the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bertram began to thrive because he was finally accepted and celebrated for who he is as a person and student. He excelled in the classroom, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. He says that his learning experience at Ivy Tech is the catalyst by which he has been able to turn his life around and become someone who is capable of earning recognition.

During his time at Ivy Tech, Bertram served as Phi Theta Kappa honor society president, was a member of Campus Pride club, served as a Peer Mentor, and participated in the Political Awareness club.

His plan is to transfer to university in the fall to study film. He has applications in at major universities and has already been accepted into DePaul University in Chicago. He hopes to complete an internship this summer before he begins more college studies in the fall.

Additional info Bertram’s younger years coincided with a period of healing from the turmoil of the 1960s when the Voting Rights Act had been legislated and other newfound freedoms had been penned to the page, but reluctantly given in the Mississippi Delta, where he grew up. He says he never saw a “colored only” sign, though a recent view of his birth certificate actually describes him as “colored.”

Rachel Robinson, 31
Associate of Science, Nursing (RN)

When Rachel moved to Bloomington from Myrtle Beach, where she was working as both a phlebotomist and bartender, she decided to follow her dream to become a nurse. She knew that Ivy Tech’s nursing program had a great reputation and wanted to learn from the best, so she applied and enrolled in courses.

During her time at Ivy Tech, she participated in nursing club and earned a scholarship award.

Rachel has just accepted a full time position at IU Bloomington Hospital on the Cardio Recovery Unit.

In the future, she plans to transfer to Indiana University to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Ethan Batan, 20
Associate of Applied Science, Heating Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Technology
Outstanding Student Award
Magna Cum Laude

Ethan chose to attend Ivy Tech Community College after high school because it offered an affordable, hands-on education that was accessible to his home in Spencer, Ind. He knew he wanted to pursue an education in the trades and learn valuable skills that employers need. He settled on HVAC because the job opportunities in the industry are countless.

Ethan earned a scholarship award during his time at Ivy Tech and played in a band formed through the HVAC department, called “Fire in the Furnace Boys.” 

Ethan is currently employed as property manager of an apartment complex in Plainfield, Ind. and plans to find employment specifically in the HVAC industry. He has leads in both Bloomington and Indianapolis for a technician role.

Mackenzie Schuck, 18
Associate of Science, Elementary Education

Mackenzie chose Ivy Tech Community College for the ASAP program, which enabled her to earn an associate degree in only 11 months. She was determined not to take a year off after high school for fear of not returning to complete her education. The ASAP program was the right fit for Mackenzie and she is so proud now that she made the right decision.

The ASAP program is rigorous and students spend full days, every week in class, in order to earn their associate degrees in as little as 11 months. During her time in the program, Mackenzie also held two other jobs to make ends meet! She currently observes at a local preschool and is working toward becoming a teacher.

Mackenzie earned a Campus Pride scholarship award and was involved with the Campus Pride club during her time at Ivy Tech.

In the future, she plans to transfer to Western Governors University to complete her bachelor’s degree in early elementary education.

Justin Dorman, 32
Associate of Science, Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Technical Certificate, Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC)
Outstanding Student Award

Justin chose Ivy Tech Community College because of the proximity to both his home and work. He decided that he was ready to further his career in the supply chain industry so he enrolled in courses toward an associate degree.

During his time at Ivy Tech, he volunteered as Fire Chief at the local Volunteer Fire Department in Owen County.

He plans to transfer to university to complete his bachelor’s degree but has not yet decided where. He intends to study transportation security.

Justin says that earning his associate degree has made it possible for him to advance his career with his current employer, Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

Mason Brothers, 22
Associate of Applied Science, Design Technology
Outstanding Student Award

Mason chose to attend Ivy Tech Community College right out of high school because he had earned dual credits through the early college program. He also chose Ivy Tech because it is affordable and close to home, which made it possible for him to keep a full-time job during his studies.

During his time at Ivy Tech, Mason earned a scholarship and served as a Supplemental Instructor for a 3D design course.

Along with graduating with his associate degree, Mason holds professional certification as a Certified SolidWorks Associate, affording him additional marketability in his career field.

Mason is employed locally at Tri-County Steel in Bedford, Ind. as a contract draftsman. He gained employment there with the education he received at Ivy Tech.

Tracy Lamptey, 18
Technical Certificate, Optometric Technology

Following high school graduation, Tracy applied and enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College because it offered her degree program of interest. She learned about the Optometric Technology program while talking with her family. Tracy’s sisters also attended and graduated from Ivy Tech, one of which, is graduating at the same time as Tracy!

She earned a couple of scholarships along the way and says that her biggest challenge was time management – between attending classes, working at her job, completing clinicals, and studying– her time was spread thin.

One day, Tracy intends to become an Optometrist. She is transferring to Indiana University this fall to study chemistry, and to complete pre-requirements for entry into Optometry School.

She was just hired locally as an Optician at America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. Tracy is glad she will have experience in the field when she begins her studies at IU in the fall.

Lynn Lamptey, 22
Associate of Applied Science, Network Infrastructure
Magna Cum Laude

Lynn decided to move back to Bloomington from Michigan and transfer to Ivy Tech Community College. She wanted to complete a degree without excessive debt, and says that naturally Ivy Tech was the best option. While at Ivy Tech, she earned scholarships and grants that eased the financial burden.

Lynn was a resilient and dedicated student. She sustained a fracture in her leg just weeks before finals and was put on bedrest. She had put so much effort into preparing for her Networking final that she got her doctor’s permission to go to campus to complete the exam. She says that she crutched back and forth from the classroom to the data center to build and configure her network to complete the final, and that she ended up with the highest score.

Her future plans include finding full time work in her career field as a network administrator and studying for her bachelor’s degree, and eventually her master’s.

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