Safiyyah Abd’Llah, 21406_Saffiya
Associate of Science, Human Services
Outstanding Student Award
Cum Laude

Safiyyah decided to attend Ivy Tech Community College immediately following high school graduation on the advice of her mother, who had a strong belief that pursuing a higher education would be beneficial for her.

She served as a student ambassador on campus, worked in the registrar’s office and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society. She also volunteered with Girls, Inc. and for Shalom Community Center.

Safiyyah says that Ivy Tech has had a lasting and profound effect on her life and that she is so thankful to the staff at the college who cheered her on along the way. She thanks her mother for pushing her toward Ivy Tech and for her endless, gracious support.

She is transferring to Indiana University this fall to pursue her bachelor’s in journalism and interactive media storytelling at the Media School. Her future aspirations include utilizing media as a platform for social advocacy and change.

Saffiyah recently began work as an intern at Bloom Magazine and hopes to continue to work there during her studies.

Daisy Lamptey, 21Daisy2
Associate of Applied Science, Paralegal Studies
Outstanding Student Award
Magna Cum Laude

As an international student (Ghana) who was also accepted to Indiana University, Daisy says she chose to earn her degree at Ivy Tech Community College due to affordability and that it offered her degree program of choice.

Because of her education at Ivy Tech, she is employed at a local criminal and family law office as a paralegal. She hopes to earn enough money to go back to school and earn her bachelor’s degree. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school.

Daisy is the oldest of three girls, with one sister at college in Michigan and another at Bloomington High School North. Daisy’s mom is also graduating college this May, with her Ph.D. from Indiana University.

Amanda Worthington, 29401_Amanda
Associate of Science, Respiratory Care
Outstanding Student Award
Associate of General Studies

Amanda was a stay at home mom and decided she wanted a career that would help support her family. She chose Ivy Tech Community College because it serves all sorts of students, including non-traditional students like herself who have the drive to advance their lives.

Amanda says that thanks to Ivy Tech, she found employment in a career she loves. She works at Riley Children’s Hospital and Columbus Regional Hospital as a respiratory therapist.

Amanda is wife to her husband that she’s been together with since ninth grade, and mom to two children who are 8 and 10 years old.

Rachel Fortner, 22402_Rachel
Associate of Science, Respiratory Care

Rachel chose Ivy Tech Community College to take her general education courses and planned to transfer to a four-year school for a degree in dental hygiene, but she decided to stay at Ivy Tech to finish her associate degree in Respiratory Care. She says that Ivy Tech was flexible in a big way that university wouldn’t have been, and that she was able to raise her son and still attend school to make a better life for him.

She has already started working as a student respiratory therapist at Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, and has accepted a full time position there upon passing her board exam.

Rachel plans to work a few years and then go back to school to earn her bachelor’s degree.

James Goodson, 40410_James
Associate of Science, Radiation Therapy
Cum Laude

 James was looking for a career change from his job as a field tech supervisor at the same time that his middle daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She asked him to kill cancer, so he chose Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington, the only college campus in the state of Indiana to offer a two-year radiation therapy degree program.

James was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and volunteered at Relay for Life, Hooked on Kids and Care for Kids.

James is husband to his wife Laura, and the father of three daughters who are 15, 14, and 9 years old. His family is remembering his mother today, whose big dream was for him to graduate college!

Tiana Deckard, 22408_Tiana
Associate of Applied Science, Computer Information Systems
Outstanding Student Award
Cum Laude
Associate of Applied Science, Software Development
Cum Laude

Tiana hadn’t originally planned to go to college, but made Ivy Tech Community College her first choice when she decided immediately after graduation that she really did want to continue her education. She chose the Computer Information Systems degree program and later added Software Development.

Tiana was a work study in Ivy Tech’s School of Computing and Informatics and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

She credits her instructors and professors for guiding her to graduation.

In the future, Tiana plans to work in software development and enroll at a four year school to complete her bachelor’s degree.

Taversia Borrelli, 28400_Taversia
Associate of General Studies
Outstanding Student Award
Summa Cum Laude

Taversia has been accepted to the University of California, Berkeley and plans to attend in the fall. She graduated summa cum laude for holding a 4.0 GPA and was named the outstanding student in her program of study.

She received the Student Excellence in Volunteerism award as part of the O’Bannon Institute this past spring for her work with Mother’s Hubbard’s Cupboard. She volunteered four hours of her time per week. Taversia has served as Student Ambassador, Director of Outreach and Publicity for SGA, and as regional president of Phi Theta Kappa

In the future, she hopes to do transformative work in the field of sociology on the subject of Western professionalism and respectability politics. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and theorize global legislation for the United Nations to benefit marginalized minority groups.


Tanner Romine, 20407_Tanner
Associate of Applied Science, Hospitality Administration

Tanner chose Ivy Tech Community College following his high school graduation because it was close to home. He is the first person in his family to attend college.

He says that completing his baking and pastry degree was a lot of hard work and that he had to stay focused on his goal to get to graduation day. If he had free time, it was considered homework time.

He secured an internship at French Lick Resort and hopes to be offered a full time position when that’s complete.

His ultimate goal is to someday open his own bakery.

Jordan Grant, 18404_Jordan
Associate of Science, Liberal Arts

Jordan began classes at Ivy Tech Community College in the Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP), which afforded her the opportunity to earn her associate degree in only 11 months, right out of high school. She chose this path rather than going directly to a four-year school because of the cost-savings of completing the first two years at community college.

She says if weren’t for ASAP, she’s not sure she would have gone to college, and that it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Jordan plans to transfer to Indiana University, majoring in Speech-Language Pathology.

Dana Spradlin, 41405_Dana
Associate of Science in Nursing (Transitional)
Outstanding Student Award

Dana chose Ivy Tech Community College to transition from a licensed practical nurse (LPN) to a registered nurse (RN). She knew her husband and 20 year old son would also be attending Ivy Tech at the same time, so she focused on making a choice that would work financially for her family.

She faced challenges along the way, such as working full time during her first two semesters, surgery, then losing a loved one. With her husband’s support, she’s made it to graduation!

Dana currently works at Bloomington Meadows Hospital on PRN status (as needed).

She is a wife and mother to four sons ages 25, 24, 23, and 20.

In the future, she plans to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Anthony Spradlin, 41409_Anthony
Associate of Applied Science, Industrial Technology
Cum Laude

Anthony obtained his GED during high school and began working odd jobs with low pay and no benefits. His wife encouraged him to go back to school. After researching the job market, Anthony chose Ivy Tech Community College. It was flexible, affordable and had the small class sizes he was looking for.

During his studies, he acquired a technical certificate in industrial technology that gained him full time employment as a pipe welder. He worked full time and maintained his full time student status while completing his degree.

He says the journey as a non-traditional student who was out of school for 22 years wasn’t easy. His family skipped weekend trips and social events in order to study.

Anthony is the first person from his family to graduate college. He is proud to achieve his dream of having a stable career and a plan for retirement.

Anthony and Dana’s 20 year old son, Austin, who also attends Ivy Tech, completed his technical certificate in industrial technology this semester. He will take a job as a welder. He plans to use his earnings to finish his associate degree.   

Corey Nikirk, 23403_Corey
Associate of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology
Outstanding Student Award

Corey began attending Ivy Tech Community College following high school in pursuit of a nursing degree. She worked at a local podiatrist’s office while taking night classes and discovered that although she enjoyed her interactions with patients, the work wasn’t a good fit for her. During a conversation with her mother, who works in the engineering department at Duke Energy, Corey learned that Ivy Tech offers a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Since she always enjoyed analytics, problem solving and mathematics, she decided to enter the program.

Corey says she’s enjoyed going to her classes to learn engineering concepts, and to her hands-on labs to construct digital circuits and to program microcontrollers.

She attended Ivy Tech’s annual career expo in April which gave her the opportunity to explore job options and secure interviews with local employers.

Following graduation, Corey will begin work at Cook Polymer Technology as an Engineering Technician, and encourages other females to explore engineering fields at Ivy Tech.



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