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Ivy Tech strives to offer our students the best educational experience possible, including being the most cost-effective option in higher education.  And as a state funded educational institution largely supported through taxpayer dollars, Ivy Tech is also committed to responsible stewardship of taxpayer funds. These related aims lead to an overall procurement strategy built foundationally on encouraging a competitive process whenever practicable, and using that competitive process to control costs, build a diverse vendor base, and ensure ongoing vendor performance; which results in increased affordability to our students and more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.


Ivy Tech’s procurement efforts are guided by College policy, which establishes a competitive process as the foundation, while also encouraging equitable and reasonable support of businesses in our local communities, including those with diverse and traditionally under-represented ownership.

Ivy Tech has 19 campuses and 43 sites throughout the State of Indiana and serves nearly 180,000 students annually.  This breadth of coverage results in significant diversity in the communities and student population we serve.  Ivy Tech aims to reflect its communities and student population in the companies we patronize.

Additionally, as a state funded educational institution, Ivy Tech is committed to acting as responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. Our procurement policies and processes are designed to help keep costs low and to encourage support of our local businesses, with anticipated results of more efficient use of taxpayer funds and increased successes of local business and local communities.


  • Current opportunities with Ivy Tech can be viewed on the Ivy Tech e-Procurement tools (Bonfire & Workday Strategic Sourcing) below.

    Bonfire Opportunities

    Workday Opportunities

  • Ivy Tech is committed to acting and operating in an inclusive manner, including in our procurement efforts. Ivy Tech strives to engage with Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Veteran-Owned businesses in the communities we serve through a robust Supplier Diversity Program.  To learn more about our supplier diversity efforts and opportunities to partner with the College, click the link to our Supplier Diversity webpage below.

    Visit Our Supplier Diversity Page

    • Purchasing Resources

      Ivy Tech employees can find resources to help with their purchasing needs at the link below. Resources include Ivy Tech templates, “how to” guides for different parts of the purchasing process, and information on purchasing from the State of Indiana Quantity Purchase Agreements (QPAs) and purchasing from Cooperatives that College purchasers can utilize. View on MyIvy
    • Employee Discounts

      Ivy Tech Employees are eligible for certain discounts as an employee with the College.  A listing of these discounts and instructions on how to access them can be found at the following link.
  • Marcus Bickle
    Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing
    50 W. Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
    Phone: (317) 921-4521