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General Information
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Programs of Study
Program Inventory

Program Descriptions are listed in alphabetical order, starting with Accounting and ending with Visual Communications.

Course Descriptions
Descriptions are listed in alphabetical order by abbreviated course name starting with ACCT 090 and ending with WELD 274. A listing of General Education courses is also included.

Program Curriculum
Listing of required courses for each program

Program Availability
Listed in alphabetical order by campus starting with Anderson and ending with Warsaw

Course Schedule Search
A tool that allows you to look up availability and locations of specific courses

Course Outline of Record
Course descriptions, objectives and prerequisites

Faculty and Staff
Listed in regional order starting with Northwest Region and ending with Bloomington Region

Accreditation and Memberships
Listed in regional order starting with Northwest Region, ending with Bloomington Region, and followed by contact information for organizations

College Services
Entering the College: Admissions and Re-admissions, Dual Credit, Transferring Credit to Ivy Tech, International Students, Orientation, Advanced Placement

Registration, Fees, Financial Aid, Student Records

Grading, Standards of Progress, Assessment, Graduation, Transferring to Another Institution

Student Support Services, Student Life, Community Service, Housing, Parking, Insurance, Accidents/Illness, Emergency Closing

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Campus Security, Corporate & Continuing Education Services, Instructional Programs (types of degrees), Statewide Programs (distance education, apprenticeship, Senior Scholars)