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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff are crucial to the career success of our students and alumni. Additionally, faculty and staff can play a key in working with employers who are interested in placing students in work-based experiences, or even full- or part-time employment.  We understand the valuable impact you have on students, alumni and employers.   Our staff looks forward to collaborating with you through the faculty and staff services:

  • Classroom visitations and presentations
  • Annual statistical reports and surveys
  • Centralized employment assistance
  • Job market and future employment trends
  • Tracking information
  • Work-based experiences (i.e. internships, externships, co-ops, etc.)


Request a Presentation
Invite Career Development staff to provide an overview of programs or services or tailored presentations regarding career exploration, resumes, interviewing, the job/internship search process, professional networking, panel discussions and more.



Please note: Career Development staff may not be able to accommodate all classroom presentation requests. This may include evening classes, weekend classes, and classes at campuses without a staff presence. Thanks in advance for understanding if we cannot attend in person.