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American Welding Society (AWS) 3G MIG Welding Preparation Course

This course prepares students for testing to earn certifications required for gainful employment as a welder. The class will meet on Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Campus from 8 a.m. to noon Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Oct. 3 through Dec. 16, with no classes during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

The 120-hour program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to join or cut metal surfaces. This includes instruction in arc welding, resistance welding, brazing and soldering, cutting, high-energy beam welding and cutting, solid state welding, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidation-reduction reactions, welding metallurgy, welding processes and heat treating, structural design, safety, and applicable codes and standards. The program covers the welding of ferrous metals utilizing a variety of metallic manual welding methods and techniques and emphasizes safety hazards and safe practices in arc welding.

For more details on the course, cost, and potential financial support through WorkOne contact:

Stephanie Reitan