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Certification and Workforce Assessment Centers are located throughout the Ivy Tech campus network and are designed to validate skills by providing Indiana residents with an opportunity to earn portable third-party, industry-recognized credentials. The Centers deliver over 150,000 certification exams and employment-related assessments annually.

Services provided:
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Skill and analytical assessments
  • Certification testing
  • Professional licensing testing
  • Exam hosting and delivery
  • Paper-based to computer-based exam conversion
Why are certifications/assessments important?
  • They are portable and stay with the individual.
  • They are industry-recognized.
  • For employers, assessments can be used as a skill-validation tool, employment screening, or to measure the effectiveness of a training program.

The mission of Certification and Workforce Assessment within Ivy Tech Community College is to provide high quality, focused testing services that offers an opportunity for students and members of the local community to earn portable credentials in a wide variety of technical and professional skills areas. This is done to meet the needs of citizens, industry, business, and government entities consistent with the College mission.  Our Certification and Workforce Assessment Centers adhere to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

Our Centers

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  • Facilities conducive to high-stakes testing
  • Procedures designed to maintain the integrity of the exams and the confidentiality of candidates
  • Proctored exam administration
  • Video/audio monitoring and other security features
  • Capacity for computer-based and paper-based exams
  • Many centers have private testing rooms available

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