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The Beacon Scholar program is a collaboration Between Ivy Tech South Bend / Elkhart and Beacon Health System to help address the nursing shortage locally and nationally. This innovative program is designed to attract, educate and train nurses who will remain in our communities to care for patients locally. 

Starting in Fall 2022, nursing students will have the opportunity to become part of the Beacon Scholars Program. As Beacon Scholars, students will have the cost of their Ivy Tech education, including books, covered by Beacon Health. Beacon Health will provide these students with a living stipend and future employment as a Beacon Health nurse. 

“This program expands the way we think about health – beyond the walls of our hospitals and doctors’ offices. Health starts in our families, schools and workplaces,” - Kreg Gruber, Chief Executive Officer at Beacon Health System. 

“We need people from our own community taking care of our community and this program will produce that.”
- Ivy Tech Chancellor Dr. David Balkin.

The first step to becoming a Beacon Scholar is getting accepted into the Beacon Health System School of Nursing at Ivy Tech South Bend/Elkhart.

How do I know if I am ready to apply to the Beacon Health System School of Nursing to become a Beacon Scholar?
Follow these steps:
  • Have an active application with Ivy Tech Community College
  • Complete or transfer pre-requisite courses: APHY 101, ENGL 111, PSYC 101
  • Take TEAS within 2 years of the application deadline (
  • Upload a copy of completed High School Transcripts/GED/HSE/TASC/HiSet
  • Attend an information session. To see the session schedule, click here, then scroll down to Program Locations and select South Bend/Elkhart
  • Watch the 5-minute application help video below

Have more questions about the application process? Get information here

To apply to Ivy Tech, click below.

For more information contact:

Star Lenoir

Beacon Scholar Admission Assistant

Beacon Health System School of Nursing

Ivy Tech Community College South Bend/Elkhart

574-289-7001 ext 5375


Darin Doverspike
Beacon Scholar Project Manager
Beacon Health System School of Nursing
Ivy Tech Community College South Bend/Elkhart
574-289-7001 ext 5354