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Ivy Tech Community College is a college for the community and its residents. We are committed to public service, and remain focused on the goal of effecting positive change within the community and Indiana.

Pod 7: Resource & Referral Center

People Overcoming Difficulties (Pod 7) was created in response to an alarming number of students dropping courses because they simply did not have support in meeting basic needs that contribute to overall student success. Healthcare, food insecurities, mental health resources, amongest others, are barriers that play key roles in preventing students from reaching their goals. A dedicated group of faculty, staff, and students believed if non-academic barriers could be lessened, students would have an increased chance at obtaining their personal and academic goals.

Services & Referrals offered: 

  • Counseling services (Seasons Counseling of Michiana)
  • Community resources
  • Child care referrals
  • Expungement (Opening Doors to a Second Chance )
  • Food pantry
  • Healthcare services
  • Life coaching

Contact Info:
Sandra Senatore-Roberts
South Bend location | (574) 289-7001 ext. 1002 | pod7@ivytech.edu
Elkhart Co. location | (574) 830-0375 ext. 4494 | elkhart-pod7@ivytech.edu

Katharos Catering

Katharos Catering, located in Ivy Cafe at the South Bend location, features delicious and healthy meals daily during breakfast and lunch hours. Meals are made with fresh herbs and spices to build great tasting, flavorful cuisines. Staffers strive to provide quality produce daily and when possible, shop local. We are aware of all the allergens and dietary restrictions that exist. Katharos specializes in providing great tasting gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and other dietetic restrictive options.

Monday-Friday | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
(574) 334-0205
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Minority Male Initiative (MMI)

The Minority Male Initiative (MMI) supports African-American and Latino male students by providing educational opportunities such as mentoring, academic assistance, roundtable discussions and associations with community leaders and organizations. MMI is inclusive to all genders and races with an interest. 

Contact Info:
Prince Covington
MMI Coordinator
(574) 289-7001 ext. 5360