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General Information


Mission Statement

To serve Ivy Tech and its core mission as we build relationships with alumni that foster a lifelong loyalty to the college. We provide motivation and opportunities for alumni to support the college and help secure its future. We see commitment that begins with enrollment and does not end with graduation; therefore, we also assist the college in its efforts to strengthen bonds with current students.

Alumni Chapter Goals

  • Foster Membership
  • Promote Participation in Ivy Tech Events
  • Promote Community Awareness
  • Promote Alumni Representation on Regional Committees and Initiatives
  • Promote Alumni Recognition
  • Promote Alumni Giving


Membership is open to anyone who has attended Ivy Tech as a registered student. There are no dues for membership. Qualification for scholarships, special recognitions, and holding a chapter officer position may involve additional requirements.

Membership Benefits

Upon graduation from Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, you become a member of the Ivy Tech Alumni Association. As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A semi-annual magazine containing regional and statewide alumni news and upcoming events.
  • Eligibility for recognition in the annual Alumni Award programs.
  • Job search assistance through Career and Employment Services and an invitation to attend Ivy Tech's annual Job Fair.

For more information, contact Callie Luthman at 800-659-4562 or 765-966-2656, extension 2347.

Alumni Awards

The deadline to submit nomination materials for the Distinguished Alumni Award is February 17, 2017. 

Nominees must be graduates of Ivy Tech Community College, having received an Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Science Degree, Associate of Applied Science Degree or a Technical Certificate. The nominee must also satisfy the following criteria and submit the following support materials:
i.            The nominee has made notable professional or personal achievements since graduation.
ii.            Through leadership and/or active volunteering, the nominee has made a positive impact on his/her community and/or Ivy Tech Community College.
iii.            Letters of recommendation (no more than three).  
iv.            Graduated at least 5 years prior to nomination (suggested but not a must)

Nomination form link


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