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Tips for avoiding fees:Student Photo

  • A cash advance will incur a 3.5% fee which can be very costly if you have a large refund. Rather than using a cash advance, you can use on of these options:
    • Withdraw from a Higher One ATM. See locations of Higher One ATMS.
    • Wire transfer from Higher One to your bank for $25.00.
    • Order checks for your OneAccount from Higher One.
  • When making a purchase with your Ivy Tech Debit Card, run the card as "credit" rather than "debit". If you run it as "debit" you will be charged a $ .50 transaction fee. If you run it as "credit" there will be no fee.
  • Sometimes merchants lead you to believe you don't have a choice. Here's how to navigate tricky point-of-sale situations
    • Retail/Grocery Store Self Checkout - Hit CANCEL or NO. The screen will then give you the option to select Debit or Credit. Choose CREDIT and sign the receipt.
    • Online Bill Pay - Choose the option to "CANCEL and process as a MasterCard Credit transaction." You may also be required to enter the Credit Card ID number, which is the three digit code listed on the back of the card.
    • Retail/Grocery Store Cashier Checkout - Tell them you want CREDIT and sign the receipt.
    • Gas Station - Select CREDIT on the keypad. If the screen asks if you want to enter a PIN hit NO or CANCEL. The sale will be completed.
    • Online Purchases - Select MasterCard from the list, enter your 16 digit card number and the expiration date. Also enter the 3 digit security code on the back of the card if required. Some online merchants will ask for a PIN number. In this case, hit NO or CANCEL to ask for a CREDIT transaction.
  • Track Spending & Availability to Avoid NSF fees:
    • Always have enough money in your checking account to cover purchases made with a check or debit card. Spending more than you have in your account will result in a "Non-Sufficient Funds Fee," and you will be responsible for repaying the NSF amount.
    • Remember a deposit will not immediately bring your account to a positive balance as you must bear in mind the timing reflected in the Funds Availability Schedule disclosure.
    • Keep accurate records of all checks you have written and debit card purchases you have made. Merchants use different timing for processing transactions; some process instantly while others won't show up in your account until a day or two later-be prepared by leaving a little bit of extra money in your account.
  • Use OneAccount ATMs to Avoid Foreign ATM fees.
    • Avoid large withdrawals. Carrying around a lot of cash is risky-it's easy to lose and even easier for someone to steal. Higher One offers you peace of mind by providing the MasterCard® Zero Liability policy when you make signature based purchases with your Debit MasterCard. Zero Liability means you are eligible for protection against fraudulent purchases made with your card. Be sure to always safeguard your card and report a card theft promptly. Learn more about terms and details of the Zero Liability policy provided by Higher One.
    • If you decide to get a small amount of cash, stick to your financial institution's ATMs. Using other ATMs may be convenient, but the extra fees can really add up!