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What is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who will supervise a student while the student takes an exam. Proctors serve a lot of different functions, but at the very least a proctor will verify the student’s identity by checking their government issued identification. The proctor will provide the student with exam instructions that were provided to the proctor by the student’s instructor and will monitor the student during the exam to ensure that those instructions are followed.

When is a proctor needed?

An instructor may want to have a student use a proctor for taking an exam in a distance education class, when a student needs to make up an exam that was missed during class, or for specialized certification or high stakes exams where the requirements of the exam mandate special professional development and/or education requirements for the proctor.

Does Ivy Tech provide free proctoring services to its students?

In most cases, yes. Ivy Tech provides proctoring services through the testing centers at most of its campuses. Proctoring provided at these centers is free to Ivy Tech students enrolled in an Ivy Tech course. Visit IvyTech.edu/testing-services for a complete list of testing centers and their hours.

Students who are not able to test at an Ivy Tech location because they live out of state, are unable to drive to another location, or who have scheduling issues that prevent use of a free Ivy Tech testing center do have additional proctoring options. These are explained below.

Is it possible to take my exam from my home or office?

In most cases, yes – for a small additional fee. Ivy Tech has partnered with ProctorU to provide online proctoring for students, at a small additional cost to students. Prices typically range from $15 - $30 per exam. If you would like to use ProctorU as your proctoring site, first discuss this with your instructor to ensure that none of the requirements of the exam require in person proctoring (for example, if your scratch paper must be returned with the exam then ProctorU may not be able to be used as a proctor unless the instructor allows you to submit your scratch paper individually). Once approved by your instructor, your instructor will need to place the exam in ProctorU. Instructors can find information about how to do this on the Click for Help tab in Blackboard. Students can then sign up to take the exam by following the instructions on the Click for Help tab in Blackboard under Proctoring Information. Visit ProctorU.com for more information.

What if I need an in person proctor and I don’t live in Indiana or can’t travel to a testing center?

You should discuss this option with your instructor. Your instructor may direct you to talk with someone in the testing center or your online technology coordinator. These folks will help you locate a qualified testing proctor that is approved by your instructor. You may also wish to search for local proctoring sites using the Consortium of College Testing Centers.

Please note that use of a non-Ivy Tech testing center may carry extra fees and that these fees are the responsibility of the student.