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Many distance education courses require one or more exams to be taken within a proctored setting. Proctored exams are held in a controlled and monitored environment. Proctored exams have restrictions which are determined by the faculty member, which the proctoring site will ensure are met. These might include limiting the use of notes, textbooks, calculators, or supplying the student with necessary hands-on materials for completing the exam.

Ivy Tech has many proctoring sites located around the state of Indiana. If you live in the state of Indiana, you may choose the proctoring site that is most convenient for you. You will need to let your instructor know which proctoring site you will be using, along with the contact information for this site. All of the sites listed below provide proctoring services at no charge to Ivy Tech students. If one of these sites does not meet your needs, a list of additional sites available in Indiana is available by clicking here. Please note that if fees are assessed for test proctoring, the student is responsible for all payment of those fees.

Approved Ivy Tech Proctoring Sites in Indiana

If you do not live near any Ivy Tech campus (primarily for students who reside outside the State of Indiana), it is your responsibility to locate an acceptable proctor for your exam. Your instructor will approve the proctor for your exam. Instructors have the right to refuse approval of a proctor.

Acceptable exam proctors include the following:

  • A full-time faculty or academic staff member at a regionally accredited college or university
  • A full-time, state certified elementary or high school teacher
  • A librarian at a public or collegiate library
  • Staff at a for-profit learning center (such as Sylvan)
  • Staff at a military learning center
  • Staff at a workforce training center.

If any fees are assessed for the proctoring of an exam, those fees are the responsibility of the student. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure that the proctor they select is able to provide proctoring in the environment required by the faculty member (such as proctoring a computer-based exam, etc.). Students should talk with their instructor well before the test is due to ensure that they understand the testing requirements and they have located and secured an approved proctoring site which can provide all services and tools needed for successful completion of the exam.

Exam Due Dates

It is your responsibility to have your exams taken by the deadline set by your instructor. Check your syllabus for all exam due dates. Failure to take your exam on time may result in a score of 0.

Should you miss an exam due to illness, inclement weather, or other reason, please contact your instructor to request an extension. Instructors provide an extension per the policy stated in their course syllabus and the individual circumstances of the course and student. Requesting an extension is not a guarantee that one will be granted.

Testing and Academic Honesty

One of the reasons some tests are proctored is to ensure the integrity of exams. Regrettably, some students choose to exhibit dishonest behavior by cheating when taking an exam in the proctoring center.

The Testing Center staff members have the right to confiscate unauthorized materials that are brought in to the exam area. Crib sheets, notes, and other paper may be removed by the test proctor. Students who bring cell phone and are observed using the phone during the exam may be asked to remove the cell phone from the testing area and place it in a secure location during the duration of the exam. Other observed behaviors, including opening web pages to look up information, may be documented by the staff.

Should Testing Center staff observe dishonest behavior, they will allow the student to complete the exam. However, the staff will complete an Academic Dishonesty Report that will be sent to the instructor. The instructor has the right to act upon this report for disciplinary proceedings against the student who is alleged to have been cheating on his/her exam.

Testing - Reasonable Accommodation

If you need reasonable accommodation due to a disability, including screen readers or some extra time on exams, please make sure that your campus Disability Services Coordinator provides documentation to your instructor. Students who only need extra time on exams due to a learning disability do not need to make special arrangements with a testing center. The instructor, however, must make sure that the correct length of time allowed for the exam is listed on the proctoring form they will send to the testing center.

For students who need screen readers or other assistance, the exam proctor may be the Disability Services Coordinator or his/her designate. Please talk with the Disability Services Coordinator to make sure it is appropriate that the instructor sends your proctoring forms to the Disability Services Coordinator instead of the Testing Center.

What to Take to Your Proctoring Site

When you go to a proctoring site to take an exam, you will be asked to show identification. Valid forms of identification include a drivers license or student ID card. If you do not have a valid identification that is accepted by that testing site, you will not be permitted to test.

It is also your responsibility to take any materials required and/or allowed for your use during the exam. This might include your own calculator, notes, etc. Remember that the test proctor may prohibit the use of any items not explicitly allowed by the instructor.


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