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If you missed the live feed from President Obama's visit to Ivy Tech, check out the pictures below.


Quotes from Students at the Speech:

"Seeing President Obama right in front of me at Ivy Tech could be one of the most exciting moments of my life. I wanted to thank all the staff at Student Life and Development, Ivy Tech Engineering Society (IES) board, and my program chair, Dr. Hall, for helping me in my path through Ivy Tech."
--Arnold Morales, Pre-Engineering
"It was a pleasant honor and privilege to be in the midst of such powerful leaders, and being that one of those leaders was the President of the United States made it a life inspiring experience... Thank you, thank you Eric Comstock for being a program chair I can look up to.  And thank you Ivy Tech Community for your respect, leadership tools, and your capacity to evolve into an even greater campus."
Jameaka Wright, Human Services
"I was absolutely blown away by how hard Ivy Tech's staff worked to make everything run smoothly. The volunteers were amazing, kind and helpful. President Obama is absolutely an advocate for the Community College and he has my 100% support on making Ivy Tech and community colleges across the country free for hard working students!"
Ashley Scruggs, Associate Director of Recruitment & Retention, ASAP
"The presidential speech was so memorable. I got the chance to sit behind him, such an honor. His proposal on community college for free for two years is a great idea for those that couldn't finish their education and want a better opportunity. Obama is a good president. Thank you Ivy Tech for this great opportunity. Who said community college wasn't a good thing?"
Marlene Aguilar, Liberal Arts, ASAP
"I am so glad I got this opportunity and got to experience it. I loved it all! I appreciate you guys for inviting me to experience this with you guys."
--Alexandrea Taylor
"What a memorable opportunity it was to be included in the President's visit. Go Ivy Tech! "
--Marie Luma, Nursing
"I am thrilled to have been selected as a student to represent Ivy Tech for the President's visit.  Attending Ivy Tech has inspired me and put my life on a solid path.  I am glad I was able to listen to the President and raise concerns that my peers have about books and advising, and that the intent of the (free community college) plan is not to raise taxes to pay for it."
Christopher Bowen, Accounting Major
President, Student Government Association-Central Region
"I thought everything went well, I was so happy to be so close to the President.  I will say without question this was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Thank you, Ivy Tech."
Anthony Felumero, Paralegal Studies
"This was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it.  It is most definitely something I'll never forget. (I think) Obama is doing what is best for us"
Shannon Evans
"...the experience I had this past Friday was an astonishing experience.  I will carry this memory throughout my life.  This experience has made me believe that everything is possible if you just try harder than you are expected to.  President Obama is my idol and I couldn't thank him enough for giving me a reason and chance to get a higher education!"
Dulce Santiago, Liberal Arts, ASAP
"What an honor it was to receive an invitation to the event on Friday with President Obama.  I was so excited to sit on stage behind him during his speech and to shake his hand and take close up photos was more than I could have hoped for.  Thank you to all of the instructors and chefs that I have had class with and/or worked along side of these past few semesters.  You are truly inspiring.  I have learned so much and will continue to always perfect my craft."
Davina, Hospitality Baking & Pastry/Culinary
Student Ambassador
"I must say Friday was a great once in a lifetime experience.  It was great to see how the people of Indy reacted well to Obama's proposal.  I also scored an interview with the Chicago Tribune.  Overall I was overjoyed with being able to attend such a prestigious event."
--Mario Keisman, ASAP
Chicago Tribune Article
"It was a once in a life time opportunity and a huge honor to be able to meet the President of the United States.  Thank you Ivy Tech for selecting me, among other students, to be invited to the event.  I would also like to thank TRiO for their constant support and belief in the students to excel.  TRiO Works!
Ren Hubbard, Pre-Nursing
"I want to thank Mr. Mike Slocum and the TRiO staff for giving me the most important opportunity of a life time that I will always remember.  Being on TV with the President of the United States was awesome.  Having all my family and friends watching saying "what the heck, how did he get there?" I am proud to be a part of the Ivy Tech family.  I do believe that free two year colleges is in the best interest of all for a powerful America.  Education is a wonderful tool and everyone should have a chance.  To be a school teacher, you should not have to go into debt."
Paul Anthony Alvies, Human Services
"History was made at Ivy Tech by hearing President Obama speak, which was educational and exciting.  Being able to share the event with the President, Richard Lugar and Andre Carson was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  Thank you to Ivy Tech Community College and faculty for putting in the time and effort to make it possible for history to be made."
--Gabrielle Cob, Event Management
"It was an honor to be in the presence of President Obama! This was a once in a lifetime experience and I am blessed to have been selected to participate.  President Obama's speech and answers to audience questions were inspiring and gave me hope.  I would like to thank the Ivy Tech Community College staff for providing quality education at a reasonable cost."
--Josette' Robinson-Luster, Liberal Arts 
"Seeing president Obama was a life changing experience for me. I think the biggest thing I took out of the whole event was the responsibility we have as Americans and as human beings. I think sometimes as human beings we focus more on what is going to benefit us rather than what is going to help our future generation succeed. President Obama is willing to invest in our future for a better tomorrow, and I am right there with him! I'd like to give a special thanks to Amanda Bremmer and Anna Droste-Glowinski in the Student Life office for their hard work and dedication to all the students of Ivy Tech and for being awesome advisors!"
--Katelynn Howard, General Studies
"Being able to sit in the same room with President Obama was such and amazing experience for me. I was seated on stage right next to where he entered and was able to hear him have general conversation about the Superbowl while he waited to enter. I feel privileged to  have been given the opportunity to be part of a history making moment."
--Tammi Polk, Baking and Pastry Arts
"I want to thank President Tom Snyder for his vision for Ivy Tech. The manifestation of your vision has made Ivy Tech a college system that the President of the United States of America wanted to come visit and I was a part of it. Thank you for an experience that I will never forget!"
--Christopher Amonett

While the President was here on campus, he also taped his weekly address.  There are even a couple of pieces of art in the background that were created by our very own Ivy Tech students as chosen by the White House staff.

You can watch the address by clicking here.