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Did you know Ivy Tech can help you finish high school

The Ivy Career Advancement Program, or ICAP, is a partnership between Ivy Tech Community College Northeast and high school districts in northeast Indiana. Its goal is to help students who either are struggling to graduate and thinking of dropping out of high school or want to finish their high school diploma in a college setting.

This alternative path:

  • Supports high school students in completing their high school diploma on a college campus.
  • Switches the educational focus to “What’s next?” After completing high school, students can choose to attend college or career training.
  • Permits students to earn their high school diploma while also earning college credit and developing job-related skills for employment.
  • Allows high school graduates to either continue at Ivy Tech Northeast to earn their associate degree, certificate, or technical certificate or transfer to another college with the credits they earn.

Food, class supplies, and other expenses are the responsibility of the student. The high school will cover the tuition costs for this program each semester. Scholarships and alternative funding options may be available once the student graduates.

  1. Be enrolled in an Indiana high school.
  2. Receive consent from their parent/guardian, high school, and district administration.
  3. Complete and submit all required documentation. They can obtain an ICAP application packet from their high school guidance counselors.  
  4. Provide a high school transcript, including assessment and test scores. If they don’t have any recorded assessment scores, they can take the Accuplacer test at Ivy Tech Northeast.
  5. Provide their own transportation to Ivy Tech Northeast in coordination with their parent/guardian and high school.

If you are a homeschool student and interested in ICAP, contact the ICAP coordinator for more information.

  • If you are currently enrolled in high school, talk to your guidance counselor about a referral to ICAP.
  • Complete the application you receive from your counselor.
  • Schedule a meeting with the ICAP coordinator.

Visit our frequently asked questions page.


Andrew Bourne
ICAP program coordinator
260-482-9171 x2510

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“I am excited about ICAP because it gives me a head start at college with the help from the staff at Ivy Tech. Being in ICAP (teaches me) what college is going to be like. The staff explains how classes, financial aid, scholarships, and student loans work. I also get two free classes through this program.”
- Paige Rowlinson, Garrett High School senior and ICAP graduate

“I chose ICAP because it has given (me) an opportunity of a lifetime. In the long run, I know (all my hard work) will be completely worth it. I am excited and grateful that this program will help me finish high school early and earn college credits.”
- Lily-Olivia Skiver, Garrett High School senior and ICAP student

“ICAP was the best decision for me. I work 56 hours a week between three different jobs. Last year I completed a one-year certification program at my (high) school’s local vocational program, receiving my Certified Nursing Assistant license. The amazing part of ICAP is being able to attend my high school prom and being able to walk with the students I grew up with for the past 12 years and continue my membership in National Honor Society.”
- Hanna Irvin, Garrett High School senior and ICAP student