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Ivy Tech Community College Northeast offers many different certification testing services. Listed below is a list of certification test vendors used at the testing center through which certification testing is available. These sites contain the variety of tests available and the registration information.

  • Click on the test vendor's link below to locate the certification you are interested in.
  • To register for a certification, follow the registration information.
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ACT: Certification testing for State licensing, including tests for dieticians, nuclear medicine, and more. All are computerized tests. Registration is handled through the ACT system. All fees are handled by ACT.

Visit online
Contact the professional association or post-secondary institution that sponsors the test to learn what steps are necessary.

Certiport: Microsoft MOS, IC3 and MTA testing for certification.  Tests include Word Core and Expert levels, Excel Core and Expert levels; Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook in 2007 version.

Visit online
Call Ivy Tech Assessment at 260-480-2043.

Laser Grade: Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Communications Commission, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, Certified Electricians, State Board of Cosmetology, National Association of State Boards of Pharmacy, Lymph logy Association of America, International Conference of Building Officials, International Code Council, American Culinary Federation, among others. All registration and fees handled through LaserGrade.

Visit online
Call 1-800-211-2754.

VUE: Computer certifications. The list is large and new tests are constantly being added. Some of the common ones are CompTIA, Cisco, Crystal Reports, etc. Students may register through the VUE system and come to the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Workforce Certification and Assessment Center for their tests. There is a student discount if enrolled in an Ivy Tech certification class.

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Register online

Indiana Department of Homeland Security: This testing is for the certifications in the following areas: EMT testing, EMVOC, Blaster, First Responder, Fire Science. Contact the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Workforce Certification and AssessmentCenter to schedule a test.

Call 260-480-2043.

Castleworld Wide: This is a is a full-service testing company contracted by agencies, organizations, and corporations to develop and administer credentialing examinations.

At Ivy Tech Community College Northeast, we can provide the large variety of tests available through Castleworld Wide.

Visit online

Register online

MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council): The tests measure knowledge and skills, and also experience in four areas: Safety, Quality Practices and Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness. Once a candidate passes all four tests, they become a certified manufacturing production technician. Interested candidates are to call the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Workforce Certification and Assessment Center at 260-481-2293.

AWS Welding Certifications: This AWS testing for a wide variety of welding certification programs which are recognized worldwide. Test candidates should contact John Christman at 260-480-2081 to determine which AWS certification test is desired and to schedule their test date and time.

Open the door to the future! Time to get a High School Equivalency Diploma!

High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation

There are many community resources that offer preparation classes for the High School Equivalency Diploma. Some of the sites also offer a voucher for a free High School Equivalency Diploma test.

Contact the following sites for information:

Allen County area

Anthis Career Center Adult & Continuing Education

The Literacy Alliance

Educational Opportunity Center

East Wayne Street Center

Sylvan Learning Centers

North: 260-485-1330
South: 260-436-2710

High School Equivalency Diploma book
Check in local libraries

Online Ed2Go class
Visit online

High School Equivalency Diploma sample Test
Questions/calculator information at American Council on Education.

DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben counties

Impact Institude (formerly Four County Area Vocational Cooperative)
1-888 349-0250

Adams and Wells counties

Bellmont High School - Jeannie Smith

Adams County WorkOne

Wells County WorkOne

Huntington and Whitley counties

Huntington North High School - Lisa Smith

Whitley Literacy Council
260-244-5772, ext. 1128

High School Equivalency Diploma Transcripts/Diplomas

If you need a copy of your High School Equivalency Diploma exam and you have taken the test in the state of Indiana:

  • Transcripts are available at diplomasender.com
    • Have a credit card ready
    • Fill out the information requested
    • Cost:  $5 for employment verification letter; $15 for a duplicate certificate; $15 for a duplicate transcript
  • If you have problems at Diplomasender, send an e-mail describing you problems to: support@diplomasender.com

Other High School Equivalency Diploma information available at:  http://www.in.gov/

  • In the white space where the spy glass is type in: High School Equivalency Diploma
  • Choose the link that will answer your question

Rules and Regulations

When coming to test please have a valid government issued ID with you.

  • Depending on your certification you may need to provide a second government issued ID. Most certifications require one unexpired government issued ID with a picture and signature and a second valid government issued ID with a signature. Please check with your test vendor for their requirements.

Please do not bring cell phones, recorders, beepers, or any other electronic items to the center. Lockers are available for storage of items.

No purses, hats, books, dictionaries, notes, food, or other personal belongings are permitted in the test center. Lockers are available for storage of items.

Children are required to be accompanied on the Ivy Tech Community College campus due to security and insurance purposes.

  • All children must be under direct supervision of parent or guardian. No children can be left unsupervised in or around the Workforce Certification and Assessment Center. Your testing may be interrupted, stopped or ended while you are asked to secure your children.

The center provides all calculators, scratch paper, pencils, and computers.

No weapons are allowed in the center. Please leave them at home or store them in a secure location.

No smoke breaks are allowed during your test.

All testing is under camera and proctor surveillance.

If you require a medical device or other accommodation during testing, please bring documentation with you. Call ahead to reserve a date and time and to ensure that the center can accommodate you. 260-480-2043.


The TEAS test version five is for the entrance into various health programs. You may take the TEAS test twice in a two-year period, but they must be 30 days apart. Study guides are available at ATI web site, the College bookstore, and the College library. 

In order to schedule your TEAS test, you will go to atitesting.com and create a username/password and profile.Once your profile is complete, you will schedule your exam with ATI. On the home page you will select "register for TEAS" and "continue process" until you have made payment with them.

On the day of the exam you will bring a valid picture ID and your username/password that you created. TEAS tests are administered on the North Campus of Ivy Tech Northeast in Harshman Hall, lower level 0126.

Please call the Assessment Center at 260-480-2043 for information.


What do I need to bring to take a Certification?

  • Bring the appropriate unexpired ID's for your test. (Usually with a picture and signature)
  • If your test has an authorization letter bring it with you. (If unsure check with your test vendor)
  • If you have a course certificate bring that with you. (If unsure check with your test vendor)
  • If you were asked to create a user name and password bring those with you.
  • The confirmation e-mail from your test vendor.
  • Extra government issued unexpired IDs.
  • Anything else your test vendor asks you to bring.
  • What can I take inside the test center?

  • Appropriate reference books. (But only if your Certification test allows them)
  • The test center provides all pencils, scratch paper, calculators, earplugs, and tissues.
  • The assessment center has lockers available for your personal belongings.
  • What if I am on call and must have my cell phone, beeper or radio?

    These items are not allowed to be with you during a Certification exam. Please make arrangements to test when not on call or have someone cover for you while you test. Assessment personnel are not able to monitor your on-call device.

    What about having my children wait for me?

    Children can not be left unattended at Ivy Tech Community College. This is an insurance/liability issue. The assessment center does not have space for your children to remain in the waiting area nor will we be able to watch them. Please test when children are not with you.

    When will I get test results?

    Results depend on the company authorizing the Certification. Some Certification tests will print results immediately when you finish, whereas, some Certifications will mail you the results.

    How do I schedule a Certification?

    Look at the Certification Registration page on this web site and follow the instructions. Most Certifications ask for an online registration, but sometimes you can register over the phone.

    Where is the Assessment Center?

    Harshman Hall, Room HM0126
    North Campus

    3701 Dean Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835

    Mailing address:
    3800 N. Anthony Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805

    What happens if I do not pass my Certification?

    Almost all Certifications allow you to test again. You will need to check with the test vendor for the waiting time, re-registration and payment rules for your particular Certification.

    What if I have a special need?

    When you schedule your exam let the test vendor know you need an accommodation to test. You must be pre-approved by the test vendor for us to be able to give you the accommodation you request. Be prepared to provide documentation to support your request. The test vendor will work with us to set up the accommodation. Please also call Ivy Tech Community College 260-480-2043 and let us know you have a special request.

    If you are in a wheelchair or need a special keyboard or mouse please call Ivy Tech Community College Assessment Center so we can have these accommodations ready for you and the proper computer reserved for your needs.

    What if I need medication?

    Please let us know which medications you may need during a test. We will allow cough drops, eye drops, inhalers and attached medication devices in the test center. Please let us know when you check in for the exam. We will ask to look over everything you request to bring inside the test center.

    We will work with you on any needs that do not compromise a test or interfere with other test candidates.

    Can I take a break during my Certification?

    Some Certifications have breaks included in the test and will prompt you to take a break during the exam. Other tests will allow breaks but your test time will continue to run. You may not open your locker or leave the building during a break.

    What does a Certification cost?

    The price is determined by the test vendor. If you are a current Ivy Tech Community College student enrolled in courses that apply to your Certification you may be able to buy a test voucher from the Assessment Center. Remember, all fees must be paid prior to testing.

    How can I pay for my Certification?

    Test vendors usually ask for credit or debit cards for payment. Check their web site for that information.

    Ivy Tech Community College will take payment by check, (made out to Ivy Tech Community College) credit card, debit card or cash.

    What security measures are in place at the center?

    All test registration and exams are under camera surveillance, proctors are trained to look for test violations, all vendors have installed locked down browsers to keep candidates from looking outside the test for answers.

    Any suspicion of cheating will be reported to the test vendor. Tests may be ended with any suspicion of cheating or inappropriate test behavior. Any unauthorized notes, cell phones or other electronic devices, may be confiscated and sent to the test vendor for analysis. Any disruptive behavior will also be reported to the test vendor. Ivy Tech Community College has security and cameras inside and outside the building.

    How should I dress for the exam?

    Please wear comfortable clothing. We suggest wearing several layers of clothing which can be removed if you get too hot or cold during the examination. No coats or hats are allowed in the test center.

    How early should I come to test?

    You must check in 20-30 minutes early. Please allow enough time to find Ivy Tech, park your vehicle, and take care of restroom needs. Please be advised that many Certifications have a 5-15 minute check in process before you are seated for the exam.