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Career Coaching and Employer Connections

The Career Coaching and Employer Connections department brings together academics, career readiness, and employers. Students are supported through their academics as well as career readiness. Along their path, students are supported by the CCEC process that outlines each compenent of the Career Development Portfolio including resume development, engagement with employers, interview preparation, employability skills development, work-and-learn experience completion and the development of social capital. 

The focus continues to be on skills training (non-credit and credit) for incumbent workers as well as career and work-and-learn opportunities for Ivy Tech students. Our Talent Connection Manager is in the field, listening and learning about employer needs and challenges, in order to create customized solutions. A standardized process for engaging with employers will allow for centralized coordination and tracking in the College's Salesforce CRM. The process creates clarity for employers regarding points of contact, reduction of duplication of efort and allows smoother integration of employers into the student experience. 

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Meet the Team

Jennifer Gasiorek

Vice Chancellor of Workforce Partnerships and Strategic Communications


Elizabeth Rowray

Executive Director of Career Coaching and Employer Connection


Caitlin Zink

Talent Connections Manager




Shawn Carmichael

Career Coach – Muncie Campus


765.289.2291 x 1718


Ashley Green

Career Coach – Henry County Campus




Bryan Douglass

Program Manager