Set Yourself Up For Success,
Earn a Free Certificate

How do you begin taking steps towards a new career... Where can you find classes and trainings that fit your schedule... How do you pay for it?

We have all of the answers. The state of Indiana is paying for classes at Ivy Tech Community College that can help you with future employment. But you have to act fast as classes start October 26!

There are many different options depending on the field you are interested in and everything aligns to good paying careers.

Here is a list of the programs being offered in October:

Advanced Manufacturing

Building & Construction

Health Sciences

Information Technology & Business Technology

Transportation & Logistics

By taking advantage of these tuition-free programs you have the chance to earn a valuable short-term certificate in a field where employers are hiring.

Now is the time to make the right choice for your career with the state’s Next Level Jobs program at Ivy Tech. Don't miss out on the benefits of Ivy Tech’s flexible 8-week courses! Enroll today and join us for classes starting on October 26.

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