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Enrollment Process

1. Apply for TAP voucher (two options)

  • Online - FCA Blackboard - TAP

  • Apply with local TAP rep

    • ITP1:  Linda Taylor, 765-854-4363; linda.taylor@fcagroup.com

    • KCP:  Sharie Curry, 765-454-1018; sharie.curry@fcagroup.com

    • KTP:  Ted Secrease, 765-454-1265; ted.secrease@fcagroup.com

    • TTP:  Leon Boggs, 765-557-6165; Hampton.boggs@fcagroup.com

2. Print copy of website page from TAP “Request has been submitted for Program Administrator’s Approval.” This must be taken to ivy tech to register for class!

3. Register for classes at Ivy Tech Community College

  • Bring Copy of TAP request submission (#2 above)

  • Register at the Kokomo Ivy Tech main campus.
                   M-F | 8am – 3pm                              M-F | 3pm – 8pm
                   1701 Trialon Court                           1912 Trialon Court
                   Kokomo, IN 46901                            Kokomo, IN 46901
                   Susan Turrill                                      Marcia Miller/Jeannette Webb  
                   765-252-5497                                   765-252-5544

  • Determine the classes that will work with your work schedule and register 

4. When you receive your TAP voucher, you must print this and take it to the Ivy Tech Bursar’s office. Student is personally responsible for all course fees that TAP does not pay for. TAP requires the voucher to be submitted for payment.

When do classes start?
Classes start the week of December 10, 2018. See the calendar for full class schedule.

Where will classes be taught?
Classes will be taught at the local NTC on Hoffer Street in Kokomo.

How many students will be in a class?
There may be up to 25 students enrolled in each class. 

How will the grades be determined?
Grades will be a compilation of homework, quizzes, tests, and a final exam.

Is there one person that I can contact at Ivy Tech concerning this program? 
Yes. Stephen Waddel, Ivy Tech Apprenticeship Coordinator | 765-252-5545