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Taking the Accuplacer assessment?


To help students maximize their chances of being placed directly into their chosen program path, Ivy Tech Community College has developed a resource called Ivy Prep. Ivy Prep is designed to make it more likely you'll perform well on the Accuplacer assessment, whether you're taking it for the first time or trying to improve.

How assessment works - and how Ivy Prep can help you succeed

To ensure you're placed in the appropriate classes, most of you are assessed through a tool called Accuplacer. The better you do on Accuplacer, the fewer remedial courses you will have to take. Maybe you won't need any! Doing well can save you lots of time and money. AND it can move you directly into the courses of your chosen program.

Missed the mark the first time you took Accuplacer? Ivy Prep can help you improve.

Ivy Prep isn't just for students taking the Accuplacer for the first time. So if you weren't satisfied with your initial results, it's worth aiming for improvement. By participating in Ivy Prep you can identify problem areas and get the support you need to achieve the best results.


1. Makes it more likely you'll place into your chosen program path

2. Makes it less likely you'll have to take remedial classes, which cost you money and time on the way to graduation

3. Available to all Ivy Tech students whether you're taking Accuplacer for the first time or trying to improve your score


Ivy Prep gives you everything you need to improve your results on the Accuplacer assessment, including an Ivy Prep coach who will work with you to determine where you need assistance, monitor your progress, and answer your questions. In addition, practice tests and exercises include questions you'll be asked in the Accuplacer assessment. Ivy Prep gives the support and preparation you need to get the best results.

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Ivy Prep is currently offered at the following campuses (click your campus for more information).