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Innovation Day 2019

Ivy Tech Community College hosted its third annual Innovation Day challenge on Monday, February 25. Innovation Day brings together a panel of judges from funders to college advisors, to hear ideas from our faculty and staff, with intentions to bring significant positive change to the College.

More than 35 initial proposals for Innovation Day were submitted last fall, with an internal team of coaches narrowing the field to the 12 finalists who were asked to present in-person to the judges.

Congratulations to the five projects that were selected, and are outlined in more below.

First place, $15,000
Lightboard: Creating Beautiful Video Lectures
Kathleen Kravitz, Dean, Liberal Arts, Sciences & Education, Valparaiso
Kate Pantinas, Associate Professor, English and Communication, Valparaiso
“Instructors can establish an engaging and dynamic online learning environment with our idea – using lightboard technology to record beautiful video lectures. A lightboard is a pan of glass with embedded LED lights that allows an instructor to write and draw on the glass while facing a video camera to record short video lectures. The production process mirror-flops the video so the handwriting is correct to those watching while also illuminating the writing which appears suspended in the air.”

Second Place, $10,000
A Weather Balloon for STEM Engagement
Carmin Burrell, Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Columbus
“We would like to purchase a weather balloon instrumentation cluster, including an altimeter, thermometer, pressure gauge, GPS transmitter, GoPro camera, and payload boxes for experience, from a local company called Stratostar. With this, we can provide the community and our students an opportunity to participate in atmospheric science.”

Third Place, $5,000
Crowdsourcing Innovation
Leighann Rechtin, Program Chair & Change Agent, Lawrenceburg
“This innovation idea re-imagines the innovation day concept itself by exploring crowdsourcing as a way to generate ideas directly related to specific problems/needs/goals at Ivy Tech. Many people are familiar with crowdfunding – where someone shares about a financial need, and contributions are raised to help meet that need. Crowdsourcing works similarly – an organization typically shares a problem/need/goal and anyone can submit solutions to resolve that problem/need/goal.”

Third Place, $5,000
Ivy Care Package Program
Lois Weiss, Disability Support Services and Academic Advisor, Muncie
“The Ivy Care Package program will provide individualize care packages to meet the unique needs of our students. Care package type would be tailored to address the students’ needs (e.g. child related, food insecurity, hygiene items). All packages will include a copy of the most current Community Resource Guide and other pertinent support service opportunities.”

Third Place, $5,000
Prepping a Pack of Physiology Participants
Barbara Rendleman, Associate Professor, Evansville
“I will create a short online anatomy prep course that would be required for all APHY 101 (anatomy and physiology I) students to complete before classes start (or by the end of the first week at the latest). It will include modules covering anatomy terminology and helping students learn how to break down words and reading comprehension with sample test questions to help students learn how to take exams.”

We also want to express thanks to those Innovation Day finalists who took the time to present to the panel of judges last week. Their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed.

  • Mark Frank, Lafayette, Preparatory Workshop for Non-Traditional, First-Generation Students
  • Patty Plantenga, Lafayette, 50+ Employment Program
  • Emery Peck, Muncie, Humanities Based First Year Experiences
  • Lisa Goldberg, Sellersburg, A Campus of Difference
  • Lisa Goldberg, Sellersburg, Math Intervention Strategies for Students with Disabilities
  • Colette Ellinghouse, South Bend, IvySTEAM
  • Drew Lurker, Systems Office, Return to Complete

We also want to thank our esteemed panel of judges.

  • Jena Bellezza, COO, Indiana Parenting Institute
  • Kevin Brinegar, President, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Gretchen Gutman, Vice President, Public Policy, Cook Medical and Member of Ivy Tech State Board of Trustees
  • John McDonald, CEO, ClearObject
  • Stephanie Sample, Associate Commissioner for Strategy and External Affairs, Indiana Commission for Higher Education


First Place: Lightboard: Creating Beautiful Video Lectures

Second Place: A Weather Balloon for STEM Engagement

Third Place: Crowdsourcing Innovation

Third Place: Ivy Care Package Program

Third Place: Prepping a Pack of Physiology Participants

About Innovation Day

This event was created to improve all areas of the College, especially in the areas of student success, workforce alignment and transfer.

Those within the Ivy Tech community were encouraged to participate and submit their ideas to help improve the quality of the education and services we offer. Participants brought their ideas and shared them with a panel of judges, with the goal to find one or more ideas and provide funding to pilot these projects.

Ivy Tech Innovation Day