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2018-2019 Submissions

In order to be eligible to participate in Innovation Day, you must create and submit a pitch letter of no more than two pages by 5 p.m. EST on November 9, 2018.

Please prepare and save your letter using Microsoft Word and then complete a brief information form and upload each letter at https://link.ivytech.edu/IDay19. You must log in to Google with your Ivy Tech credentials in order to submit your letter.  If you have any difficulty accessing the form, please make sure you have logged into Google with your Ivy Tech credentials.

To be considered, you must submit your pitch letter of no more than two pages by 5 p.m. EST on November 9, 2018 to the Google form. You will receive an email that confirms your submission has been received successfully.  If you wish to submit more than one innovation, please submit each one separately. 

Pitch Letter Webinar - Innovation Day 2019

Innovation Day 2018

Innovation Day 2018

Of the 15 finalists that presented at Innovation Day, three were selected for funding:

Educate the Educator – Dr. Stephanie Knox, Madison
Award: $25,000

Masters prepared nurses are recruited as faculty but often lack training in the science of education. A misconception is that nurses educate patients daily so they are natural educators.  However, an expert in practice does not equal an expert educator. Research and Ivy Tech data has shown that it takes as much as five years for a masters prepared nurse to become a confident classroom instructor and that Ivy Tech has a 30% attrition rate for nurse educators.  These two factors indicate a need for professional development to ease the frustration that nurses feel when they enter the classroom. 

The professional development that will be provided as a result of the funding of Educate the Educator will allow new nursing faculty to be assigned both a nurse and education faculty mentor.  New nursing faculty will also complete a course on education science that will be designed in cooperation between Ivy Tech nursing faculty and education faculty.  New nursing faculty will be provided a time to complete the course and mentors will be provided with a stipend or download to support their time investment. 

Innovation Day funding will be used to develop and implement this program on the Madison and Lawrenceburg campuses for all newly hired nursing instructors since 2016.  It is hoped that after this pilot offering, evidence will support expansion to other campuses, other programs on campus, and adjunct faculty - with appropriate course variations based on the needs of specific programs. 


Teach 2 Grow – Renee Rule, Noblesville
Award: $7,500

Teach2Grow (T2G) is an English Composition, urban gardening class at Ivy Tech in Noblesville. This class provides the tools for students to grow their own food, feed their families and other Ivy Tech students, research and write about food insecurity, earn 3 credits in English Composition (ENGL111), and become active community stewards. T2G provides an alternative to the traditional ENGL111 classroom by building experiential learning into the classroom environment.

Additionally, the right to food security for Ivy Tech students is authentic. Feeding America (2016) states, “Three million adult students choose between food and education.”  When you focalize an experiential learning class with solutions to food insecurity, you provide a key to college success. Food insecurity has an adverse effect on student academic performance. The solution may be as simple as Teach2Grow. Teach2Grow provides a bridge to food security, and successful completion of ENGL111 through experiential learning. It builds confidence, reduces fear of failure, and promotes problem solving and collaboration.

Teach2Grow launched in January 2017 and has run continuously since then. The garden is planted in the spring and harvested through summer and fall, keeping students connected even after the course has completed. Funding awarded through Innovation Day will be used to expand the size of the garden – which is housed at the Noblesville Community garden, double the distribution of free food - building on the 150 pounds of produce donated in 2017, and build professional development for others who are interested in launching a similar program.


Weld Better – Erik Kemerling, Indianapolis
Award: $5,000

The Weld Better proposal aims to improve the quality of the instruction Erik can provide in class.  As an adjunct faculty member who works daily in the industry, he recognized that the welding products his students created were not being assessed in the same way in the classroom that they would be assessed in the workplace.  At Ivy Tech, students in WELD 211 weld six projects.  These projects are currently assessed via placement on a paper form. The student and instructor lay the piece that a student creates onto the paper figure to see if the overall shape and components match the form.

Grading on a scale drawing works for now but out in industry, what is sold to customers is always verified by a fixture. Erik’s Weld Better project will create forms - called a fixture in industry terms - that can be used for the projects in WELD 211 that more closely match what students will experience in the workplace.

When a project is graded by with a fixture, students and instructors have a much better idea of whether the three dimensional welded piece meets all necessary standards, rather than the two dimensional understanding with the paper grading system. 

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Irene Britt, Adjunct/Co-Director of Second Chance Program Wendy Ndichu, Student, BSU Officer and Work-Study


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About Innovation Day

Ivy Tech has hosted two Innovation Day challenges and we are gearing up for the third annual event to take place on February 25, 2019. This event was created to improve all areas of the College, especially in the areas of student success, workforce alignment and transfer.

Those within the Ivy Tech community were encouraged to participate and submit their ideas to help improve the quality of the education and services we offer. Participants brought their ideas and shared them with a panel of judges, with the goal to find one or more ideas and provide funding to pilot these projects.

Ivy Tech Innovation Day