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About the Talent Rich Initiative

InnoPower, an Indianapolis-based social enterprise, has partnered with Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis to launch the Central Indiana Talent Rich initiative. The Talent Rich initiative will enroll 500 or more Black students from Central Indiana high schools Class of 2022 by July 2022. InnoPower will leverage the Ivy Tech Ivy Men of Vision and Excellence (IMOVE) program and the InnoPower Network of professionals, corporations, and non-profits to support these students as they progress through Ivy Tech.


InnoPower, founded in 2018 by former NFL player Emil Ekiyor, believes Economic Inclusion invites the MVP (Most Vulnerable Populations) into a pre-existing competitiveness framework for which historically they were not sufficiently prepared. In contrast, our partnership with Ivy Tech and the Talent Rich initiative cultivates, trains, and equips MVP talent to engage, compete, and contribute to the community's overall economic Competitiveness.

Partnering with Ivy Tech Indianapolis

Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis is part of a statewide, open-access community college system that provides Hoosiers with professional, technical, transfer and lifelong education for successful careers, personal development, and citizenship. Through affordable, quality educational programs and services, the College strengthens Indiana’s economy and enhances its cultural development. According to the 2019 Ivy Tech Diversity Annual plan for the 2019 – 2020 academic year, Ivy Tech represented 38% of all Hoosier undergraduate, degree-seeking students enrolled in Indiana public colleges. Additionally, 42% of all underrepresented minority students enrolled in higher education in Indiana were enrolled at Ivy Tech.

Program Objectives

  1. Enroll 500 Black high school students at Ivy Tech Marion, Hendricks, and Boone County campuses
  2. Enroll 100 career changers or people looking to start careers at Ivy Tech Marion, Hendricks, and Boone County campuses
  3. Influence the Black community to see Ivy Tech as a launching pad for upward mobility 


For more information or to get involved, contact


For 127 years, The Indianapolis Recorder has portrayed Black Excellence as The correlation between hard work, overcoming obstacles, and character. The Talent Rich initiative will engage and equip Black students in Central Indiana with the skills to overcome challanges and compete for High Wage jobs in our region and beyond.