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Open Enrollment is now closed.

Welcome to the Plan Year 2019 Open Enrollment for the Ivy Tech Health Plan!

Open enrollment is an excellent opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with the benefit offerings provided by the College and to change your benefit selections for the upcoming year.  You can add or remove benefits, dependents, amounts of insurance and more.

As a reminder, the plan year for our benefit programs is January 1—December 31 and aligns with the calendar year accumulation of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.  Elections you make during this Open Enrollment period will stay in place through the end of the 2019 calendar year, unless you have a qualifying event. 

All non-voluntary benefit elections must be made in IvyBenefits.  You must select "Confirm" in order for your enrollment to process.

2019 Plan Year Highlights

Vendor and Plan Design

There are no vendor or plan design changes to the College's benefit programs.  Please select the links below for specific plan design information.  

Medical Flexible Spending
Dental Disability
Vision Life Insurance
Voluntary Benefits Identity Theft Protection


There are no increases to the annual premiums for the medical, dental, vision, short term disability, life insurance, and identity theft coverage.  There is a premium increase to the long term disability plan.

Expansion of BeLively Employee Wellbeing Program

We are excited to expand the BeLively program.  BeLively encompasses all of the College's statewide wellbeing initiatives such as the QuitNow tobacco cessation program, Anthem Healthy Lifestyles, and our financial education program.  In 2019 we are adding Anthem MyStrengh program.  The MyStrength program is an online tool for your emotional wellbeing.  Additionally, Castlight is expanding to include your pharmacy benefits and targeted communications.  More information can be found on the BeLively webpage.  

Mandatory Enrollment and Premium Changes

You are required to review and confirm your benefit elections in IvyBenefits.  If you participate in the College's medical program, and you are a tobacco user (this includes smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vapor), you will be subject to additional premiums.  During the Open Enrollment process you will be required to indicate your tobacco/non-tobacco user status on IvyBenefits. 

Because of this change, this year's Open Enrollment is MANDATORY.  If you do not make a Plan selection you will be charged the additional premium.  

If you identified as a tobacco user in 2018 and completed the QuitNow program and identify as a tobacco user for calendar year 2019, you will be required to compete the QuitNow program again in order to receive a refund of additional premiums you have paid in the 2019 plan year.

CVS Caremark Update

While your medical coverage is managed by Anthem, your pharmacy coverage is managed by CVS Caremark.  More information on the CVS Caremark program including accessing the new formulary list on the Prescription Drug page of the Benefits website.  Beginning in 2019, Accu-chek will be the preferred vendor for diabetes test strips and meters.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

The new annual limit for HSAs has increased $50 for individual (new annual limit is $3,500), and $100 for family (new annual limit is $7,000).    There are no changes to the annual College HSA contribution.