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Health Information Technology is a demanding, growing profession that requires specialized skills, focusing on utilization of electronic medical records in order to deliver an improved quality of care at a lower cost. As working professionals with a background in either Healthcare or Information Technology, you are well positioned to succeed in a 5-month online training program which helps bridge the gap between the clinical and technology sides of healthcare. Utilizing curriculum funded by the Federal HHS Office of the National Coordinator, Ivy Tech offers the following:

Course: Hit Practice Workflow & Information Management Redesign

This course provides foundational information about the healthcare industry and involves students in analyzing and improving workflow processes. Participants will work in the context of a medical practice, and as they learn new skills, they will become more confident about suggesting changes to administrators and providers to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Major course learning objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Document workflow and information management models. Conduct user requirements analysis to facilitate workflow design.
  • Develop revised workflow and information management models, based on meaningful use of a certified EHR product. Revised models will anticipate implementation of automated processes; analysis of electronic documentation Meaningful Use requirements and intended outcomes; and become exposed to Health Information Exchange - with all its implications.
  • Recognize the customer service and change management skills inherent in successful project management transitions.
  • Brainstorm alternative plans to continue serving patients if and when a system goes down.
  • Design processes and information flows in the practice setting that accommodate quality improvement and reporting

Learning Format: Online

Pre-Requisite: Experience in either healthcare or information technology

Course Duration: 20 Weeks

Cost: $1214 ($500 for rural/grant-eligible participants)

Date: Classes start on September 7, 2015. We are currently accepting applications.

Questions? Please contact Katrina Jones at katjones@ivytech.edu  


Course: Hit Clinician/Practitioner Consulatant


The HIT-Clinician/ Practitioner Consultant training program applies the background and experience of a licensed clinical or public health professional to skills needed to optimize electronic medical records. These members of the workforce will learn to support implementation and train practitioners in the best use of electronic health record systems, conforming to the redesigned practice workflow as needed. This program bridges the gap between the clinical and information technology sides of the house and facilitates an end-result effective for all stakeholders.

Major course learning objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze and recommend solutions for Health IT implementation problems in clinical and public health settings, maximizing system and process changes by integrating clinical expertise on the front end.
  • Advise and assist clinicians to make best use of data in electronic form - including data in registries - and to drive improvement in the quality, safety and efficacy of care.
  • Assist with vendor software selection to ensure a comprehensive review of the product is made, before investing, and that the resulting system provides the greatest value from both clinical and technology perspectives.
  • Advocate for users' needs, acting as a liaison between users, IT staff, and vendors.
  • Ensure that the patient/consumer perspective is incorporated into EHR deployments and that due diligence has been performed regarding patient privacy.
  • Train users in best use of the EHR system, conforming to the redesigned workflow.
  • Successfully manage the transition associated with major change, utilizing strong customer service skills, and projecting confidence and professionalism as a result of project management integration.

Learning Format: Online

Pre-Requisite: Healthcare Experience - Clinical

Course Duration: 20 Weeks

Cost: $1214 ($500 for rural/grant-eligible participants)

Date: Classes start on September 7, 2015. We are currently accepting applications.

Questions? Please contact Katrina Jones at katjones@ivytech.edu  

Grant Recipients must enter through the IRHITEN website: www.indianaruralhealth.org/IRHITEN

Both of these training programs prepare students for the AHIMA Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS) credentials. Each respective exam assesses the competency of health IT professionals related to the implementation and management of electronic health information.The exams also confirm an individual's experience and skills are ready to meet the nation's need for health information technology workers.

Frequently Asked Questions


It is currently a non-credit program. As a result, any financial aid you may qualify for through the federal government, state of Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College, or any other entity will not apply. At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from Ivy Tech Community College.


$1214 per student, per training role/course. (See exception below.*)
CHTS is an additional cost. While these are certification prep courses, and we encourage all completers to take the respective exam and earn the credential, it is only required under certain grant stipulations, such as IRHITEN. Exam cost is $299.


Individuals living and/or working in a rural community, or seeking employment in a rural community, may be eligible for a grant subsidy to offset $714 of the fee. (HRSA Grant #R01RH26271) Application information may be found here. Click on the Intake Application button.

Grant-funded individuals will also be provided a formalized practicum.

Ivy Tech welcomes hospitals that wish to extend job shadowing opportunities to our students and will facilitate connections as opportunities become available.


Pre-requisites include work experience in either health care or information technology. This material is written at a Master's degree level and is rigorous. Students should expect to dedicate 10 - 15 hours per week this program, for optimal success.


While this is a 20-week program, two additional weeks will be offered to students needing extra time to complete. The entire program can be completed in less than six months.


This is an online program, so coursework can be completed anywhere you have reliable Broadband Internet access to Ivy Tech's Blackboard learning management system (LMS).


Depending upon the work force role, each cohort consists of between 15-30 participants.


Research indicates a strong demand for skilled and qualified HIT professionals nationwide, and the need is even stronger in rural areas.

In a March 2013, a survey of Indiana Statewide Rural Health Network (InSRHN) members, 30 percent had vacancies in health IT positions; and 65 percent cited a health IT skills gap among their workers. These gaps come at a time when the existence of a skilled health IT workforce has never been so important, as more and more providers are required to achieve Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the conversion of their IT systems to ICD-10 and several other health information technology related imperatives.

Similarly, short-term, high-quality training opportunities for supportive health IT roles, such as those requiring proficiency in the implementation and Meaningful Use of EHRs, is lacking. The combination of these needs "high demand, lack of viable recruitment and retention strategies for rural providers, lack of availability of accessible, high-quality training opportunities for incumbent and new workers" are significant barriers contributing to the health IT workforce shortage in rural areas.

This training will complement participants existing health care and/or information technology skills. It does not guarantee employment at the conclusion of the program. Ivy Tech, HealthLINC, and the Indiana Rural Health Association, (the IRHITEN Grant Collaborative) will share job opportunities with students, as they arise, and we encourage students to watch for job postings at HireIvy.