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Start your future now.

start your future at Ivy TechWe believe enrolling in school shouldn't be harder than going to school! So we've made the application and admissions process as simple as possible for you. Everything can be done online anytime you like.

Are you ready for college?

There are many ways to determine if you are ready for college level courses at Ivy Tech Online. Find out more about your self-assessment options.

Step 1: Complete your application.

Just complete the online application and we will send you an acceptance letter within 7-10 days. When completing the online application, be sure to select "Ivy Tech Online" as your campus.

Step 2: Fill out the FAFSA (if you need financial aid or loans).

If you need help paying for tuition, you can apply for financial aid. Complete your FAFSA online using Ivy Tech's school code: 009917.

Step 3: Watch the online orientation for new students.

New student orientation will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in your online courses. Students access the orientation online and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete. Access orientation here.

Step 4: Register for classes.

You can register for classes at any time by contacting Debbie Harding at dharding10@ivytech.edu.