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About the IMPACCT IVY Scholars 

The IMPACCT (Integrated Mentoring Program Achieving College and Career Transformation) Ivy Scholars Program is a scholarship and academic enrichment program that assist students that face barriers to college success by helping them reach their academic and professional goals. IMPACCT Ivy Scholars are given the tools to be successful through workshops, mentoring, and individualized coaching. Participants will also be able to use career specific skills to give back to the college, peers, and the community. Below is a list of everything that program participants will have available to them!

  1. Service Learning Opportunities 
  2. Monthly Enrichment Programs ( Career, financial, and academic success workshops)
  3. Tutoring
  4. Financial Assistance (up to $3000)
  5. And much more! 

Eligible participants must meet the following criteria: 

  1. One of the following:
    • Minority students of color (ages 18-25).
    • Students with dependents which they care for. 
    • Students with a history of abuse or neglect (ages 18-25).
    • Students formerly or currently in the foster care system (ages 18-25).
    • Students with lack of financial or familial support. 
    • College age students with physical disabilities. 
  2. In good academic standing with Financial Aid.
  3. 2.0 GPA or above.
  4. Completed 6 College Level credits at the time of application.


Students that be come IMPACCT Ivy Scholars will be required to participate in: 

  • Monthly advising and peer meetings. 
  • Individualized guidance, mentoring, and mentoring. 
  • Service learning and cultural events. 

How to Apply 

For students interested in becoming a scholar please complete application here.
If you know a student that will be a great match for IMPACCT Ivy Scholars refer them here.

Additional Info