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Clara JuddClara Judd, a CHS student currently enrolled in dual credit, says the cost savings associated with dual credit certainly make it attractive. Judd says her family saw other benefits as well.

“I talked with my parents about it,” she says, “and we all figured it was a really good way to get a head start. I’m planning on studying business, and most of my dual credits are from business classes so that will help me in college.”

Judd’s experience has made her somewhat of an advocate for dual credit, encouraging her fellow CHS students to learn more about it.

“Every student who has the option of taking dual credit classes should take them,” Judd says. “It will really help in the end, and the quality of the classes is really good.”

Dr. Flowers says this focus on quality is critical to the success of the dual credit program. She believes that while the efficiencies provided by dual credit are certainly a benefit, it is equally as valuable in preparing students for the challenges to come in college.

“The CHS faculty teaching dual credit courses have master’s degrees in their content area and are certified to teach at Ivy Tech,” Dr. Flowers says. “Each works closely with Ivy Tech faculty to ensure that the coursework and assessments are consistent with what our students would experience in college. Student learning and experience is rigorous.”