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About iGrad

iGrad is a unique program embedded in Bartholomew County schools with the bold goal of achieving a high school graduation rate of 100%. iGrad serves all students with academic barriers in grades 8 through 12. The program utilizes a unique team approach to assisting our students: Graduation coaches who help our students navigate through the barriers they may experience as they advance through their academic careers; college and career coaches help the students prepare for their lives after high school; and, community volunteers who serve as mentors and tutors can be paired with individual students in the iGrad program as well.


Interested in Volunteering?

Are you interested in being a volunteer mentor or tutor with iGrad? You can find out more about the program by visiting our Facebook pageClick here to apply!



iGrad welcome referrals from service providers outside of the school corporations. Complete an online referral form. If you are a parent and would like for your student to participate in the iGrad Program, you can complete an online iGrad Parent Consent form or download a print version that can be returned to the student’s school.



The iGrad Program welcomes additional partners. The future of our communities is our students. The greater assistance provided to those students experiencing barriers means the greater chance of increased academic success. Improved high school graduation rates lead to a positive ripple effect of economic benefits in our communities. To learn more about donating to the iGrad program, please contact us at 812-374-5118.


To learn more about the iGrad Program in Bartholomew County, you can email us at igrad@ivytech.edu or call us at 812-374-5265.