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Approved teaching sites and facilities may be eligible to host testing for their candidates and others. Exam scheduling for all sites will be scheduled and approved by Ivy Tech Community College. It is not guaranteed that testing will occur at all teaching sites. The host facility must provide:

  • A well lighted, well ventilated, quiet space for written testing that does not interfere with resident activities
  • A lab set-up with all required equipment and supplies necessary for realistic skills performance

If resident activities are conducted in the testing room, testing must be scheduled at an alternate time to accommodate the residents.

Ivy Tech Community College reserves the right to refuse to test at any location which:
  • Is unable to provide space that does not interfere with resident programs
  • Permits interruptions in testing areas that may disrupt testing and breach candidate confidentiality
  • Will not meet policies and/or will not abide by the procedures necessary for testing

Equipment and Supply List For Nurse Aide Skills Evaluation

Signs for doors of testing rooms stating: "Test In Progress" and "Do Not Enter"

Volunteer "Resident": Indiana State Department of Health approved program director or instructor who will act as the resident during the testing department. The teaching entity may provide a mannequin if the teaching staff are not available.

Resident Unit: call light or facsimile, privacy curtains, bed with side rails and pillow, overbed table, bedside stand

Infection Control: sink, towels and dispenser, trash can, soap dispenser, gloves, soiled linen hamper, alcohol swabs

Bedmaking, Dressing: two sets of linen including top and bottom sheets, pillow cases, spread, bath blanket, two gowns, slippers, large pants, and button front shirt

Ambulation/Transfer: walker, wheelchair, stationary chair with arms

Bathing/Hygiene: wash basin, soap, towels, washcloths, nail clipper, orange sticks, nail file, tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth swabs, petroleum jelly, lotion, emesis basin, mouthwash, glass, dentures, electric and safety razors, comb, mirror, hair brush

Elimination: bed pan, fracture pan, toilet paper, urinal, urinary drainage bag, paper towels, graduated cylinder, I&O sheet, bedside commode

Vital Signs/Weight: oral thermometer, sphygmomanometer, teaching stethoscope (dual), watch with second hand, access to scale

Nutrition/Hydration: meal tray with utensils, menu card, cup or glass

Positioning/Safety: heel or elbow protector with fasteners, four pillows, soft belt and vest protective devices with ties and manufacturer's guidelines (directions)