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Must be currently on the nurse aide registry in another state with no verified complaints.

Required Documentation

  1. Application: Original Indiana State Department of Health Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation application (complete sections I and IV and sign and date the bottom of side one). You may obtain an application to test by calling Ivy Tech Community College at (317) 917-5948 or by clicking here to print the application.
  2. Proof of Certification: Copy of current out-of-state certification which shows the registry number and expiration date. Certain states, as listed below, do not provide registry numbers or expiration dates:
    • CNAs from Illinois or Alabama are also required to submit a letter from their employer in that state that indicates they have worked at least one eight hour shift in the past 24 months if the registry was certified more than two years prior. The letter must be on letterhead and include the candidate's name, work title, and dates of employment
    • Employers who apply for out-of-state candidates must include a completed Out-of-State Validation Statement on facility letterhead, signed by the facility representative who contacted the appropriate out-of-state registry
  3. Payment: Money order or facility check, made out to Ivy Tech Community College, or Visa or MasterCard for payment of testing fee of $65.00. Personal checks are not accepted


You must take the written portion of the test

Mail your application, documents, and fee to:
CNA Testing
P.O. Box 1621
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Ivy Tech Community College will notify the person who submitted the application to test by phone or mail of the test date, time, and location. Testing will be scheduled within 30 days of processing the valid application.