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Program Directors and designated instructors are strongly encouraged to observe but may not interfere with the testing process.

Candidates must:
  • Be in the test room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled test
  • Be dressed in whatever their employer considers a uniform
  • Bring and present an official State approved identification (valid driver's license, state ID) which includes the candidate's legal name, photo, and signature
    • The name on the ID must be candidate's legal name, and must match the candidate's name and signature on the application
    • If an official State approved identification is not provided by the candidate, testing will be denied
    • No other form of identification is considered valid
Once testing begins:
  • Candidates who arrive late may not be admitted
  • Children and visitors are not permitted in testing areas
  • Electronic devices including but not limited to stereos/radios, cell phones, pagers, and PDAs must be turned off
  • Books, papers, pamphlets, and training materials may not be used
  • No food or drinks are permitted on or near the table
  • Candidates may not chew gum which can be distracting to other candidates
Candidates may be dismissed with full loss of fees if they:
  • Create a disturbance
  • Use inappropriate language
  • Act in a threatening manner
  • Give or receive help
  • Refuse to perform a task
  • Attempt to remove test materials from the test area
  • Use notes, books, calculators, or other unapproved materials during testing
  • Refuse to turn off and/or remove electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, radios, PDAs, etc.) from the test area
The tester must refuse to test:
  • A person presenting at a scheduled test for whom the tester has no approved application or request to test issued by Ivy Tech Community College
  • A candidate presenting at a scheduled test without valid official identification
  • A candidate presenting at a scheduled test with an injury or illness which prohibits her or him from working without restrictions
    • If a candidate is on restricted activity or light duty, that candidate will not be allowed to take the skills portion of the competency evaluation
    • The candidate will be allowed to sit for the written/oral portion of the competency evaluation