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What is CBE?

Competency Based Education is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials that help them in their lives and careers. Students in these programs show what they know and how well they know it through multiple ways of evaluating learning.

CBE at Ivy Tech

Two Programs, Two Formats

CBE will begin at Ivy Tech with pilot programs in Business Operations, Applications and Technology (formerly Office Administration) and Software Development.

  • Business Operations, Applications and Technology Technical Certificate: courses will be competency-based, except for Liberal Arts and IVYT courses.
  • Software Development Technical Certificate: fully competency-based from start to finish for students who test program-ready. The program content will be employer and employment focused, not transfer focused.

Who is CBE for?

CBE programs are perfect for those already in the workforce who need credentials or additional skills. CBE also works well for under-employed or unemployed individuals who already have some college credit.

Next steps

Approval to begin offering CBE through Business Operations, Applications and Technology and Software Development is still pending, so the programs are not yet open to applicants. We do not anticipate offering these programs until Fall 2016.

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Questions?  Send feedback, suggestions and questions to: cbe@ivytech.edu.