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Performance Spaces

The Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center offers two performance spaces. Whether you need space for a large production, or a smaller space for an intimate concert or play, the Ivy Tech Waldron is the perfect backdrop.

The Whikehart Auditorium

The Whikehart Auditorium can accommodate up to 200 people (including performers and crew), and is ideally suited for large events such as theater productions, concerts, or dance performances. The space is a typical black box, and seating can be arranged to fit any production. Recent productions have used alley, in-the-round, and thrust.

The Rose Firebay

The Rose Firebay is the ideal spot for a small play or an intimate concert. It's the perfect setting to captivate a small audience. Seating is adaptable and can accommodate up to 90 people (includes performers and crew). Like the auditorium, the Rose Firebay is equipped with lighting and sound equipment, and has one dressing room.