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The Student Success Center is now virtual!

You can still access free tutoring from Ivy Tech tutors, but now from your own home. Tutoring sessions will be held through “chat/ video rooms.” For example, if you want help with MATH 135, simply click into the MATH 135 room. A tutor will be waiting to help you. 

If you need tutoring related to writing, please email your paper to bloomington-writingtutors@ivytech.edu. Our writing tutors will get back to you with suggestions! 

Our tutors will be in the chat rooms Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-7pm.

Here is the link to the rooms to get free tutoring from Ivy Tech tutors.

Do you have questions or need help? Email the Student Success Center at bl-retention@ivytech.edu for help! We are here for you!

"I just wanted to give a big thank-you to the tutoring center for helping me with Calculus! I got an A on my final exam and could not have done it without the tutoring center.” – Samantha Rahn








For additional questions contact the Office of Student Success and Retention at bl-retention@ivytech.edu.