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Academic Programs

Ivy Tech Bloomington offers a variety of flexible options, live and online, for entrepreneurial education and training. Our three academic tracks, Certificate, Technical Certificate, and Associate of Applied Science degree, are designed to suit the needs of both Ivy Tech students and current business owners. For more information, please contact The Gayle & Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship at (812) 330-6261 or at sbryant32@ivytech.edu. To learn more about enrolling in Ivy Tech courses visit here.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship:

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed for students and graduates from other academic programs who may want to start their own business and are looking for the skills to become an entrepreneur. This 18 credit hour program can generally be completed in 2 semesters and provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the fundamental skills they'll need to own and operate a business. Students pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship will take 6 courses:

ENTR 101-The Entrepreneur and the Enterprise

ENTR 105-Entrepreneurial Marketing and Market Research

ENTR 201-Venture Growth and Development

ENTR 205-Financial Management for Entrepreneurs

ENTR 210-Entrepreneurial Tax and Finance

ENTR 250-New Venture Development

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Technical Certificate in Entrepreneurship:

This Technical Certificate program is designed for students who are seeking to own, operate or manage an entrepreneurial enterprise. In addition to the 6 core entrepreneurship courses, this 31 credit hour Technical Certificate includes the foundational courses:

IVYT 114 - Student Success in Business

COMM 101 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking

ACCT 101 - Financial Accounting

MKTG 102 - Principles of Selling

CINS 101 - Introduction to Microcomputers or ACCT 122 - Accounting Systems Applications

Degree Program:

This degree program is designed for students that plan to pursue a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration (AAS) with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. This track includes a Business Development course which is a course designed to help you develop a business plan.

Non-Degree Program:


Free online training: HP Life e-Learning for entrepreneurs

  • Use in business or technical courses at no cost
  • Teach 21st century IT and business skills
  • Twenty-five simple, interactive courses in finance, operations, marketing and communications
  • Students receive certificates of completion

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Academic Courses

ENTR 101 - The Entrepreneur and the Enterprise

This is an introductory entrepreneurship course that focuses on the creation of new ventures and the relationship between ideas, entrepreneurs, markets and enterprise as well as the role that entrepreneurship plays in our economy. The course evaluates the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and help students decide if they have an interest in starting or being part of an entrepreneurially driven business.

ENTR 105 - Entrepreneurial Marketing and Market Research

Targeted to students interested in creating and growing their own businesses, this course will focus on key marketing strategies particularly relevant for new ventures. Students will: (1) apply marketing concepts to entrepreneurial company challenges, which include creating and nurturing relationships with new customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and investors; and (2) understand the special challenges and opportunities involved in developing marketing strategies "from the ground up."


ENTR 201 - Venture Growth and Development

This course discusses financial, human resource, operations and marketing issues that face entrepreneurs whose businesses are confronted with significant growth potential or that have matured. Among the topics discussed are franchising, initial public offerings, mergers, succession, estate planning, global expansion and exit strategies.


ENTR 205 - Financial Management for Entrepreneurs

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to identify and evaluate the various sources available for funding an enterprise; demonstrate an understanding of financial terminology; read, prepare and analyze a financial statement; and write a loan proposal. In addition, the student should be able to explain the importance of working capital and cash management. The student should also be able to identify financing needs, establish credit policies, and prepare sales forecasts.


ENTR 210 - Entrepreneurial Tax and Finance

This is a comprehensive course covering federal and state tax situations for businesses. Tax topics will include income tax, sales and use tax, payroll tax, and unemployment tax. Financial topics will include insurance, employee benefits, retirement planning, budgeting, interpretation of financial statements, and learning how to work with an accounting professional.


ENTR 250 - New Venture Development

Formerly BUSN 203, this course is the capstone class for the Entrepreneurship Certificate and Technical Certificate programs. Students will learn the principles and skills needed for implementation of a business plan to own and operate a successful venture. The principles and skills of the entrepreneur are utilized in the decision making process including the appropriate business structure and organization, developing plans and strategies for the entrepreneurial venture, financing strategies, exploring growth opportunities, and successful managing of scarce resources.