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In most cases, scores of 27 in Writing and Language, 25 in Reading and 500 in Math or higher on each section of the SAT*; 26 in writing, 25 in reading and 24.5 in math or higher on each section of the PSAT**; or 17 in English, 18 in reading, 18 in math or higher on each section of the ACT can be accepted for your assessment if they were completed within the last four years. *SAT scores based on tests taken in 2016 and beyond.  **PSAT scores based on tests taken 2015 and beyond.  Older test scores may also be accepted.  Check the table for older SAT and PSAT score ranges.

Course ACT SAT 2015 and earlier SAT 2016 and forward PSAT 2015 and forward
ENGL 111
English Composition (TransferIN) and other entry-level college courses

17 English &
18 Reading

460 Writing
& Reading

27 Writing
25 Reading

460 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

26 Writing
25 Critical Reading

MATH 100
Intermediate Algebra

20 Math

480 Math

510 Math

25 Math

MATH 122
Applied Technical Mathematics

MATH 123
Quantitative Reasoning

18 Math

460 Math

500 Math

24.5 Math

MATH 121

MATH 127
Mathematics for Elementary Education I

MATH 128
Mathematics for Elementary Education II

MATH 129
Mathematics for Elementary Education III

MATH 135
Finite Math (TransferIN)

MATH 136
College Algebra (TransferIN)

MATH 137
Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry

MATH 141
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

24 Math

520 Math

550 Math

27 Math