Knyla Coiley, a 19-year-old paralegal studies major, exemplifies the drive and determination of Ivy Tech Indianapolis students who take advantage of summer classes. Coiley's experience highlights the unique challenges and opportunities that come with pursuing education during the summer months.

Coiley began her journey at Ivy Tech last fall and quickly realized the benefits of enrolling in summer courses.

“I am driven to finish my courses so I can make sure I have all the credits I need to graduate,” she explains. 

By taking summer classes, Coiley aims to stay on track for a timely graduation while also exploring elective courses that interest her​. This summer, Coiley is taking a mix of online and in-person courses, including an introduction to philosophy and a law office technology course. The law office technology course, in particular, offers a valuable certificate from the National Society of Legal Technology.

 “Earning a certificate from the law office technology course is great because it’s very practical and beneficial for our career,” she says​​.

One of the unique aspects of summer classes, according to Coiley, is the smaller class sizes and the focused learning environment. 

“There are fewer people on campus, which makes it easier to talk to others and build a sense of community,” she notes. This setting has allowed her to form meaningful connections with her peers and professors, enhancing her overall college experience​.

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Thanks to the flexibility of online classes, balancing her summer coursework with other commitments has been manageable for Coiley. “I recommend taking two online classes if you’re working more hours. It’s really doable, and the professors are very organized and supportive,” she advises. This balance, for example, has allowed her to maintain her academic progress while also working two part-time jobs​​.

Coiley has found the support services at Ivy Tech to be incredibly helpful, particularly IvyCares, which provides resources for transportation and mental health services. 

“The process of talking with IvyCares has been quite easy. They’re really responsive and helpful,” she shares​.

Reflecting on her academic journey, Coiley appreciates the dedication and support of her professors. She specifically mentions the Ivy Tech Indy Legal and Paralegal Studies Program Chair, Professor Lara O'Dell, and General Studies Professor Josh Farrington, who have made significant impacts on her educational journey so far. 

“Professor O'Dell has been wonderful, and Professor Farrington – who was actually my first instructor at Ivy Tech – I love him. He's a great teacher; always available and has been very helpful with advising,” Coiley said.

Coiley’s future goals include transferring to Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI) to pursue a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and possibly attending law school. The summer classes at Ivy Tech have provided her with a solid foundation and the flexibility to explore different academic interests. 

“Being able to take summer classes has brought me closer to my goals and given me the chance to advance my education,” she explains.

Knyla Coiley’s story is a testament to the opportunities that summer classes at Ivy Tech Indianapolis offer. Her determination to excel and make the most of her educational experience is inspiring, showcasing the benefits of staying engaged and proactive during the summer semester.

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