Aleysha McCloud, 22, is a fine arts major at Ivy Tech Indianapolis who has found a unique and inspiring educational journey through her summer classes. Her experience exemplifies how the summer semester can offer both challenges and opportunities for growth, especially for those passionate about their field of study.

McCloud's decision to take summer classes was partly influenced by her financial aid requirements, but it also stemmed from a desire to maintain momentum in her education. 

“It’s honestly easier to keep going instead of stopping for a while,” she shares. This approach has helped her stay on track and avoid the stress of a heavier course load during the regular semesters​.

This summer, McCloud is taking a fabric design class and a sociology course. The condensed summer schedule means that classes move more rapidly, which can be challenging. 

“Everything is kind of fast-paced because it’s a shorter time, so sometimes it can be a little harder to keep up,” she explains. However, she appreciates the more relaxed atmosphere on campus during the summer, with fewer people and a more laid-back vibe among the faculty​.

One of the standout aspects of her summer classes is the quality of instruction. McCloud speaks highly of her fabric design instructor and former fine arts program chair, Stephanie Robertson, who has significantly impacted her development as an artist. 

“Stephanie is really good because she’s very dedicated. You learn so much. Me, as an artist, I have grown so much because of her,” McCloud shares. 

The artist also has a passion for sociology, a field of study where she enjoys the depth of knowledge she gains from her classes​.

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Balancing her summer coursework with personal commitments has been manageable for McCloud. With only two classes, she finds time management easier. “I usually just schedule it all and cram the weekend, so it’s a little bit easier than having to turn something in the next day,” she says​.

McCloud has also taken advantage of the support resources available at Ivy Tech. The library, in particular, has been a valuable resource to her.

 “The library has been such a great help. They provide tutoring and a quiet space to work. I get a lot of work done in the library,” she shares.

Her experiences in her fabric design class have been particularly memorable. 

“For my fabric design class, we have silk painting, where you paint on silk with a dye, and some of my work turned out so well. I’m really proud of that,” she recalls. These hands-on projects not only enhance her skills but also provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in her work.

Looking to the future, McCloud has ambitious plans. She aims to become a fine artist with a minor in business, potentially creating a business that focuses on art with a message. 

“I am interested in making art that inspires political change. I like murals. I like art that says something,” she explains. She also considers the possibility of becoming an art teacher.

Aleysha McCloud's journey at Ivy Tech Indianapolis is a testament to the transformative power of education and the unique opportunities provided by summer classes. Her story is one of dedication, growth, and the pursuit of artistic excellence, inspiring fellow students to make the most of their educational experiences.

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