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Ivy Tech Community College Lake County is offering completely online courses in a unique format that has many advantages over a typical online course. 

These new streaming courses offer the same types of interactions that happen in a traditional classroom. 

During the scheduled class time, the traditional classroom instruction is streamed online to the students.  Students can ask questions as they would in a traditional classroom setting. 

These new streaming courses also offer the same type of conveniences of an online-only course. 

“The online streaming format fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle. It allows me to have all the benefits of being in the classroom, such as asking questions live and generating feedback, all while attending the class conveniently at my home.”                                                                                                                                                                             

-- Sandra Bohlman
   Math 136 student


All of the traditional classroom instruction will be recorded and posted online so that if a student misses the streaming instruction, they can watch the recording.  All assignments are completed online.  Attendance of the online streaming sections is not required.  The proctored midterm and final exam can be taken using an online proctoring service, proctorU, for a small fee.


More information on ProctorU can be found at


These streaming math courses are perfect for students who want the conveniences of a strictly online course, but prefer interaction with the instructor that a traditional classroom setting provides.


In order to keep the cost to students to a minimum, many of these streaming courses are developed using open education resources.  The costs listed in the table include the cost of materials. 


Ivy Tech


Indiana University

Course Name

Lake County Streaming Course Cost

Ivy Tech Online Course cost:

MATH 135



Finite Math



MATH 136

MA 15300


College Algebra



MATH 137

MA 15400


Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry



MATH 201

MA 16010


Brief Calculus I



MATH 211

MA 16400


Calculus I



*These costs include the $75 technology fee that students must pay every semester.  If a student is taking more than 1 course at Ivy Tech during the summer, they will only be charged the $75 one time.
**These costs do not include any fees to ProctorU for using their services.