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Ready to dive into the new decade by rethinking what a New Year’s resolution can be? Resolve to change your career path, or start your educational journey on the right foot, by applying to Ivy Tech today!

With more than 40 locations statewide, thousands of online classes, flexible scheduling, and advisors at the ready, Ivy Tech works extra hard to make sure you don't have to.

Let Ivy Tech support you while you pursue your dreams.

Cost-saving options

Fight against debt in the new decade by applying to one of the most affordable higher education institutions in the state of Indiana. With a full-time annual tuition of more than $4,300, you can save thousands on a high-quality education. With transfer opportunities, grants, scholarships, and financial aid packages, you could save even more on the way to a bachelor's degree or new career.

Short-term certificates

We know that learning goes beyond the book. Some of Indiana’s fastest growing industries seek credentialed workers, and proof of your skillset is valuable. You can pursue your associate degree, but let’s be real, a two-year commitment may not work out. Certificates can be completed in as little as 6 months to 1 ½ years.

Flexible scheduling

With completion time frames ranging from one semester to two years, over 1,000 online classes available, and multiple start dates throughout the year, you can earn Ivy Tech credentials on your schedule.

Academic, personal, and career support

At Ivy Tech, you’ll find faculty and staff dedicated to helping you finish what you start. You’ll experience small class sizes and instructors who know life happens. Free tutoring services and student success coaching are also available to any Ivy Tech student.

As part of our Career Development services, Ivy Tech will provide you with career advising and planning. We also offer professional development opportunities, including help with presentations, resumes, portfolios, and more.