Certified Wedding Planner

(Course ID: HOTO WED1)
The Certified Wedding Planning Program is perfect for the individual looking to get started as a professional wedding planner right away. This comprehensive program covers everything an aspiring wedding planner needs to know to get started in the business, from contracts to etiquette, flowers, music, day of services, marketing, business practices, trade secrets and industry specific applications. Whether you plan on working part-time, planning only a few weddings a year, or a full-time career, this program will provide all the tools necessary to work as a professional wedding planner or start your wedding planning business.

This program covers many areas, such as Budgeting, Project Management, Vendors & Contracts, Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Customs and Traditions from over 15 different cultures worldwide, Wedding Gown Styles & Veils including the seasons top designers and videos of the most recent Truck (Fashion) Shows, Wedding Event Planning, Writing your Business Plan, Signature Wedding Design, Invitations, Public Relations, Wedding Music Selections, Sales & Marketing, Pre and Post Wedding Parties, How to expand your business, Relationship Education as well as Production and Operations Management.

To address the demands of the industry this program is created for real-world application including experiential learning. This includes role-playing, vignettes and other ways to practice for actual business objectives or work settings in the day-to-day of wedding planning.

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