Requirements for a Successful Partnership

  • Clean, safe and secure housing units for rescued animals;
  • Operatory and treatment rooms for vaccinations, spay/neutering, general examinations, surgical equipment and supplies and vaccines;
  • Hydrotherapy for animals with orthopedic injuries or surgical recovery needs;
  • Washing/grooming facilities for student use and for training in grooming techniques and kennel management and grooming equipment and supplies;
  • Clean, safe and secure exercise and play areas (indoors and outdoors) with locking doors and vandalism prevention; concrete runs with covered patio areas (outdoors) for easy clean up;
  • A small agility arena for training purposes (outdoors);
  • A small housing unit for training in-home therapies (apartment-type setting to approximate a home living situation); and
  • Laundry facilities and storage space for food, towels, cleaning supplies, cat litter and other supplies.

While the new location will be designed for animal health and ease of use, it would not be complete without comparable equipment. The equipment in the new building will follow the goals of the building itself in that it will facilitate cleaning and care for the purpose of animal health.

This includes equipment not available in the current shelter such as adequate water temperature and pressure; a drying cage to help ensure animal health; dishwashers and commercial laundry equipment designed for use with animal care items; durable, environmentally friendly flooring; recyclable, metal HVAC filters; safer rust-proof fiberglass doors and high-density polyethylene separation gates; and many energy-saving options.