A Partnership for Animal Welfare

A Vision for the Future

The Terre Haute Humane Society and Ivy Tech Community College have developed an initiative that promises to benefit the entire community.

Vigo County is struggling under significant strain from already tight budgets and the economic pressures that have forced more and more people to give up the family pets they can no longer afford. The Humane Society has struggled to achieve its mission and sustain its vital services. The Society's facility is outdated and in need of significant maintenance and upgrades. The economic downturn and its resulting increase in owner-surrendered animals have only amplified the challenges the Society faces. Even during these difficult times, the euthanasia rate has dramatically decreased to less than 2%.

The Terre Haute Humane Society is in urgent need of a new home. Due to this year's extreme winter weather, the more than 60 year-old facility needs a significant amount of maintenance and upgrades.

  • Air handling system failure and bad ventilation, improperly designed kennels with poor plumbing, roof repairs and ongoing damages caused by the weakening structure have pushed the limits of the current Shelter's resources.
  • As a result of the number of animals passing through the shelter over the years, the physical condition of the entire shelter is showing signs of excessive "wear and tear" and no longer meets the needs of the community.